I Don’t Think He Believes Me

I don’t think he believes me
When I say “don’t ever do this to me again”!
If he looked in my eyes he could see
That there was no humor in what I said to him

I have not taken what happened lightly
I have not been alright with his decisions
I won’t bend in the future even slightly
If he finds himself asking for permission

Our friendship is one I simply won’t budge on
We have been through way too much together
It’s never ok to let someone else say we’re wrong
Or letting them stop us from seeing each other

In my eyes I’ve been very forgiving
I’ve tried to understand his tuff spot
The fact we are still friends is confirming
That I have always loved him a lot

That was the last time I will ever put up with that shit
I don’t care how amazing his next lover may be
If he lets another lover determine our friendship
I’ll pretend he is dead and he will never hear from me

I forgive him for the past, as I have done before
But, forgiving him for not being my friend
It’s something I am not prepared to do anymore
Right now is where that forgiveness ends

So let me say these words to him very clearly
“I am here to love you and support you forever
But If you ever allow another to define you and me
The next time you feel my love will be never” 


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