Sweet Moments In Time 

Today I spent many hours with another one of my adopted families.  Another of of my BFF’s who I have known… Forever and I know all of her family members. Today she had a double graduation for her two kids. One kid graduated from Highschool and one of the kids graduated from the state college and is going to be getting a PhD at Penn state. We are all so proud of both of them, but; no one is as proud as their parents (my friend and her man). 

My friend and her hubby got up at one point to give a speech for their kids to all of us.  My girlfriend who is  very shy actually got up and read a poem she wrote, which was both so sweet and so enduring to hear.  She cried threw the entire thing, which made her hubby cry, which made her son cry, which made all of us cry and their daughter just rolled her eyes at everyone and said, “really”? 

Her husband tried to speak but was so emotional all he could get out, “was thank you for coming” (which was enough for all of us). Watching the two of them, up there infront of all of us, stating their proudness and love for their kids to all of us family and friends; I was Suddenly lost In a time warp.   It was now over 20 years earlier.  

It was suddenly May in the 1990’s sometime.  I was standing in a gazebo next to my best friends two sisters and I was wishing to god I had remembered to hide some Kleenex in my bra or something. Their were no pockets in my blue lace bridesmaid dress and all three of us bridesmaids had tears streaming down our faces.  We had been doing ok watching one of our loved ones marry her man. But, when he started to cry while professing his love for her, we all just shed the tears like crazy and lost our shit!

Behind them most of the audience was shedding tears watching them. While this couples,  1 year old son sat on grandpas Lap, just laughing and clapping; having the best time. His Parents had him just after Highschool and decided not to marry each other until they knew they loved one another enough to spend their lives together. And now 20 years later they are still loving and crying together. 

I came back to current time when everyone started to clap. I saw my friend and her hubby hold onto one another and was filled with love for them. How lucky they are to have found each other so soon in life. How lucky their kids are to have their love quide them. It was a sweet moment over 20 years ago and it was a sweet moment today. I was thankful to be a witness to both of them. 

Just another great day with my adopted family. 


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