Bad Behavior In The Sex Store

Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of tooling around San Francisco with my ex boyfriend. This is something we used to always do when we were dating. It’s been almost two years since we’ve been able to go SF shopping; So, yesterday was a real treat.  We did what we normally do and a bit more. 

First of all my ex called it “Joey and Jancie’s day of fun” (A FRIENDS sitcom reference). So, I started our day with Janice’s very loud and annoying laugh “HAaaAaaAaaa!!!”, which I think really set the tone. We were then off to go second hand shopping, get some lunch and check out “Good Vibration’s” (a shop that sells most things anyone needs to have fun, kinky or playful sex). 

The sex shop was my destination of choice because I can get one particular itty bitty little toy there, cheaply compared to the store nearest to my home. Even though I was super excited to go to all the other places and just to be able to hang with my lost friend again, the sex store was A must, for me. 

When we arrived at the Good Vibrations, I was al excited and made a beeline straight to the item I needed. I quickly swooped up  four of them. Stating to my ex, “that should last me about a month.” Which made him laugh. (I go through them quickly, but not that quickly. lol).  I asked the sales lady to hold them at the counter for me and then we proceeded to look around and touch everything. 

This store is fun because they take pretty much one of everything out of the boxes and containers so you can feel it. See if it vibrates and what that feels like or see the actual size, etc. You, as a customer are actually prompted to pick things up and get a better look (but not USE).  So, I guess I crossed the line when I  took one of the riding crops out of the bucket and quickly swatted my ex boyfriend in the ass with it. (Something I knew he wouldn’t mind). He laughed and went “woooo”.  But, the lady behind the counter said, “Ma’am”? 

I looked over towards her, not sure if she was talking to me or not (I figured she was), “Ma’am please don’t use the merchandise in the store”.  (And yes, she was talking to me). 

“Sorry” I said and then giggled because honestly it was worth it!  It felt good hitting him, there, in the store, right then. 

We strolled around and looked at more things. We must have spent about 30 minutes or more looking around. Then I saw it!  An adult coloring book! I was so excited! I had to take a picture of it and send it to my coloring friends. 

That’s when I heard the sphincter police from behind the counter again, “ma’am”. 

I looked behind me once again in her direction and was shocked to find her standing right behind me (damn my ears are bad), “Ma’am we ask that you not take pictures in the store.” 

At this point I was both irritated and giddy. I thought the entire thing was so funny.  I wasn’t trying to cause problems. But, damn I was having a good time doing it. At the same time, I do not like being reprimanded, especially over something so silly as coloring book. 

So I smarted off a bit, “well maybe you should follow me around the store and make sure I don’t break anymore of your rules”!

“Ma’am we ask that you not take pictures for the comfort of the other shoppers” she replied. 

“I highly doubt me taking a picture of a coloring book is making ANYONE else here uncomfortable” I protested. 

Again she looks at me and says, “ma’am we ask no one take pictures in the store”. 

“Ok, ok”, I gave in. I figured they would be kicking me out soon. 

I had never meant for there to be an issue or get into any trouble with anyone. I was being playful and having fun and she was just a big bummer. Yes! She was just doing her job and a fine job at that! But, I was uncomfortable when I left and grumpy. 

I wish they sold the same little toy at Mr S’s Leather.  Your just uncomfortable from the second you walk in that store!! From the gay porn playing above and store clerks in speedos, you have no choice but to become less uncomfortable the longer you stay. Until finally you’re talking about nipple clamps with the hairless sales clerk in chapps. 

Oh well just another fun filled day in LoLa-land


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