Waking in the Quake

I’m down in Southern California with my sister and her kids visiting our family.  We have all been staying at my dads house and he lives near Oceanside. The other night I was sleeping soundly in my little sisters old room with one of my nieces.  When I was suddenly woke-up to a bunch of rattling sounds. 

I knew what was going on as soon as I first woke up. Being that I’ve lived in California my entire life I am not new to this rodeo. We were having an earthquake. The bed was shaking and almost bouncing a bit, being we were on the third story just made things worse. All of the old figurines still left in my sisters shelves shook like crazy. I swear it lasted for three minutes but my dad said it was more like 10 seconds. 

I usually handle earthquakes quite well.  In my experiences they have been more fun and exciting then terrifying. (I know I only need to be in on bad earthquake for this feeling to change).  I remember the San Francisco earthquake of 1989. I was about 60 miles away from the epicenter.  It was a 6.9 on the Richter scale, where I was from work, I could see the ground rolling like a wave and all of the cars swaying back and forth like swings in the wind. I remember feeling unsafe everywhere and yet being fascinated by what the earth was doing. The 1989 earthquake caused 63 deaths and thousand of injuries. But, where I was it just damaged some of our structures. 

The other nights quake was a 5.1 and it felt like it lasted so long. I actually got scared and reached Accross my sweet sleeping Neice to protect her head and center of her body with mine so that if the ceiling caved in she would be more protected. You are supposed to get under a desk or chair but it was 1am and I wasn’t going anywhere fast.  I don’t mind earthquakes just like it seems people who live in the middle states don’t seem to mind Tornados (and yet I think they are insane!) But, I will tell you this, waking up during a earthquake is just damn unnerving.  It took me a other two hours to go back to sleep after it hit because I kept waiting for the wonderful aftershocks. 

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