My Style

I moved from SoCal to NorCal when I was still in grade school. I was just a kid when I moved so at that age, style was not something I could even comprehend. Fast forward about 30 some odd years and you have the me I am today (a fricken mess).  

Since I’ve been single “what’s your style” has actually been a question asked of me a few times by men and or dating sites. I had no idea how to answer this question. Seriously, I’m not like any of my friends. I hardly ever were makeup. I don’t think I’ll ever want Botox or fake boobs. I don’t care if my Jewlery is all one metal and I buy my purses at the goodwill. 

I’ve asked people a few times what they think my style is and I always get the same response, “you’re a hippy”.  Hell even my nieces call me a hippy. As much as I love hippies and that entire way of life I know this is just not who I am.  I am not about being all natural all the time or wearing only hemp and no deodorant. As much as I stand for Peace, Love and Happiness I am ruthless at work and sometimes I kill spiders. 

I like ornate clothes that feel comfortable to wear, are easy and look good on me.  I like ruffles, layers, chiffon, and dresses. I love skirts!  All kinds of skirts, ruffled, long, short, yoga style but the best is one with lots of material for spinning.  

Recently when I went back to my birthtown down in SoCal, I took my Neice shopping Down on the main drag where there are lots of cool little funky clothing boutiques. I realized after the fourth store In a row that I loved almost everything in every single store.  My Neice even said to me several times “this is so you auntie!” And I agreed, it was me. 

That’s when it occurred to me that noone where I live knows my style because it’s the SoCal beach style.  They don’t have warm beaches where I live.  Our beach wear is entirely different.  My style is not hippy it is “SoCal beach” (which hell some might call hippie). But, I think it’s different, more like a sun child then a earth child.  What I think is odd is the fact that I moved from SoCal and transplanted to NorCal at such a young age and yet that hometown style is still the style I love even after not living there for so long.  I would have thought I would have picked up a different look from spending most of my life in a colder climate?

I will say that It feels good to at least know what to say my style is now.  People may still not have a clear picture in their heads but maybe they can just see for them selves. But, I feel I can relate much better to “sun child” or “beach girl” then I do to “hippie”. 

Just another self realization in LoLa-Land 


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