Together Forever

I can’t stop thinking about him
I hadn’t seen him in so very long
I didn’t expect to see him then
It wasn’t a place he really belonged

I was actually really excited to talk with him again
I was probably 15 the last time I did
We were in Highschool waiting for life to begin
I thought I loved him but I was just a kid

I had his name plastered all over my bookcovers
He and me “together forever” with hearts
I would hide these doodles when ever he would hover
Doodles could destroy a relationship before it starts

I would watch him ride his bike in to school
Throw his golden hair off his brow in one motion
Always wearing guess jeans because he was so cool
I was so strung out on him or on a love potion

After all these years I turn around and he’s there
Smiling down on me with those eyes so blue
My heart went bizerck but I didn’t care
“Oh my god he’s beautiful” is all I knew

I reacted just like I did when I was young
If my BFF was there I would have hid behind her
He makes me so nervous I started to act dumb
He was probably thinking “how much can I endure”?

He said he was still single
Never felt the need to settle down
I listened to him as I mingled
Being aloof is better then being a clown

I would speak to him whenever I saw him
Trying to learn as much as I could
I didn’t want our small conversations to end
But desperation is never a look that’s good

I’ve hoped he’d contact me since I saw him that night
I told him then I had crushed on him so long ago
“I crushed on you too” he said as his blue eyes got bright
I was flattered and then sad that I didn’t know

I wonder as I find myself thinking of him again
If he crushed on me then would he feel the same now
Will these torturous thoughts of him ever end
Or should I just ask him out myself some how?

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