Getting Out There

I feel like I’m almost ready
Ready to plunge into something steady

It’s been almost a year I’ve been away
A year of just doing my thing each day

Not worrying about how anyone else is
How anyone else could effect my bliss

It’s been a nice break from the insanity
From men Placing all sorts of demands on me

My phone has been so very quiet for a change
No bombardment of messages making me insane

I’m almost ready for it all to start again
This time I hope to be better off in the end

I might just find exactly what I’m looking for
Or that feeling of “I can’t do this anymore”

I am finally energized enough to give it a try
I’ll be spreading my wings I’m almost ready to fly

It could be a nose dive straight to the ground
No interested parties to see if I’m around

It could be a attack of constant texts
with come-ons or rudeness that make me say “next”

Either way I’ll dive in with all that I’ve got
But, I refuse to pretend I am something I’m not

I will be putting it out there just as I am
All I need now is to find me a good man


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