His Wife?

The male nurse came into the room and said, “your wife asked me if I could come see you; what’s up?” 

“What?!” Managment and I both said in unison.  

“You asked me to come in here, right?” the nurse asked, while Looking straight at me. 

“Yes” I responded, “he’s not feeling well”.  Referring to my old friend Managment. I was laying next to his swollen (and not in a good way) body on the hospital bed. 

It was kind of funny. We could tell people were not used to seeing two people laying together in the hospital beds. Because as each nurse, orderly, janitor or Doctor came in they would all get a look of surprise to find me in bed with him. (Nothing sexual at all. I was fully dressed). For some reason it just felt right to lay with him. 

Even though we have spent many moons together.  At this point in our lives, we are not a couple, we are just friends. In fact we met up again after 20 year break while we were both married to other people; but, separated and soon to be divorced.  So, to hear this man call me managments wife, kind of tripped us both out. But, made us both smile very big and laugh a little. 

I can’t speak for management but I was flattered someone saw the closeness in us and thought we were married. I then thought to myself, ” at this point in my life if I were to marry anyone it would likely be him”.  I feel this way because he’s one of my best friends and I have such a great time with him.  But, that’s just not where we are and has never really  been on the table for us.  I guess I’m still tripping on it because I haven’t been anyone’s wife in 4 or 5 years and I have grown very accustomed to the title “LoLa single woman”.  Oh well, he and I know the truth.  

It’s just another hospital visit in LoLa-Land


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