Doing It Tracey’s Way

Today was probably one of the craziest days I have ever had and I enjoyed every single moment of it. My friend Tracey invited me to her house for cocktails and then said we could walk to the fairgrounds and bet on the horse races.  This of course, all sounded like a lot of fun to me so I said, “totally! Let’s do it”!

When I showed up at Tracey’s house she was already two drinks ahead of me. We made up a pitcher of stiff pina colodas and within in an hour I drank three glasses full and was feeling very …..good.  While we drank she decided she wanted to paint my toe nails.  So, we sat In The back patio and drank, while she painted my toes. When she was done we walked over to the fairgrounds (which turned out to not be the best decision for my toes).

We went straight to the horse races when we got to the fair.  She had pre-purchased two seats for us in the grandstand.  We bet on four races where I lost a total of $12.00 (yes I’m a big gambler). Tracey and I watched the horses before hand and speculated on who would win and why (pretending like we knew what we were talking about). Finally on the seventh race I bet on two horse to win or place, breaking the bank and betting another  $12.  Both my horse came in and I won a wopping $14.00!!  I lost $10 in two hours and had the best time doing it.

We left the races at this point and grabbed some food. Which was of course very expensive and horrible for my body, yet so damn good. We sat and listened to some blues and then decided to go over to the rides.  It was a braclet day which means you pay one large price but you can ride all the rides as many times as you want.  Tracy was super excited to ride one particular ride that required closed toe shoes. She and I were both wearing flip flops. But, Tracy really wanted to ride this particular ride.  So, she approched this girl who’s Boyfriend wanted to ride the same ride but she didn’t, and asked her if she could rent her shoes?  The young girl actually agreed to it. So, Tracey and this girls boyfriend went on the ride while the two of us open toed shoe girls stayed on solid ground.  I could not stop laughing. I thought the whole thing was hysterical.

Tracy in the strangers shoes

Tracey apparently also had a thing for taking photos of herself doing inappropriate things to objects, chairs, sculptures, ornamental items etc. she came across this statue at the fair and demanding I take a picture of her.  Just as I hit the button to snap the photo she posed.   Here’s the shot she wanted.

I again, found myself cracking up.  All I kept thinking was, “this girls crazy. And I’m loving it!”

After just a few rides I was sick and needed to walk around and get some water. Apparently, middle age, alcohol and spinning rides don’t mix.  Tracy and I decided to do some retail therapy and check out the new must have’s in the “merchant” pavilion.  It’s basically all the stuff you see sold on TV, for sale in one big warehouse. You can get anything from Jewlery to hot tubs, candy to alarm systems. I’ve always walked by most vendors without stopping or talking because I’ve never needed a $6000.00 vibrating recliner. But Tracey, jumped into each and every chair she could find to try them out and I followed suit. Those were some of the best damn massaging chairs I have ever been in. Then she made us lay on the vibrating bending mattress that only cost $10,0000.  There we laid in this amazing mattress with people walking all around us and all I could do was giggle.

I have to say going with Tracey was probably the best time I have ever had at the fair in my life and this was probably my 30th visit to the fair.  We spent hours there and left only an hour before closing.  When we walked home in the darkness and we were both freezing because the sun that warned us all day was now gone. Funny enough, My body didn’t even ache a bit like it normally would when I left the fair.  I’m sure it’s because of all  the massages I got in the merchant pavilion.

Tracey and I

I would go with Tracey to the fair anytime. Because doing it Tracey’s way sure was a whole lot of fun.

Just another funtastic day in LoLa-Land


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