Dinner Conversation 

As usual my day just wouldn’t be complete without Some totally obscure event or conversation taking place.  So, I was at Outback with my girlfriend having a completely gluttonous meal when she suddenly asks me a question. 

“LoLa, do you know a Head Doctor”? 

I was surprised she was asking me but I was honest. “Well, they have doctors available through my insurance but I have a lady I’ve seen off an on for years who’s really ni…..” I stopped talking because my friend was cracking up.  

“No! No!” She says still laughing, “a HEAD doctor”. 

I looked at her confused. I thought the other name for a therapist was a head doctor. What is she talking about. Then I remembered she works with roses for a living. 

 “Oh do you mean for like your plants? Like dead heading?  Do they have doctors for that? Are your plants sick?” 

Again my friend is sitting there cracking up. 

“You don’t know what it means” She kind of half tells me, half asks me.  “My boyfriend said you of all of my friend would know what it means. Because I had never heard of it before.”

I replied,”I have no idea what you are talking about. But I…”

“Come on LoLa think about it, HEAD DOCTOR, she says looking at me with that all knowing look. 

“Is the Head Doctor have something to do  with blowjobs”? I ask?

She shook her head yes, “it’s someone who loves blowjobs. I knew you wouldn’t know. I didn’t know!”

We just laughed and then I asked her, “so are you one?”  

“I didn’t used to be” she replies with a glimmer In her eye. 

” ‘Used to be’ implies a tense, as in ‘past’, which means that now maybe you are a Head Doctor?” I sort of half asked, half told her.  She just smiled. 

I have the best friends.  I never know what’s going to happen or be said next. 

Just another quite meal in LoLa-Land


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