Hidden Talents

Went to my friends half birthday party last night.  Half, as in their birthday is in exactly 6 months and these gals use any reason they can to have a party (which is why we all get along so well). The drinks started poring at 3pm and I was drunk and sobered up a few times before I finally came home today. 

There was this man who showed up late and when he walked in he had a certain look to me. A mystery about him.  He looked like a cross between Elvis and Johnny cash. He was sporting these huge dark shades, jean jacket and wavy black hair.  His name is Jamie. After he had been there an hour and having not spoken to him yet, I struck up a conversation with him. I was walking with him down some stairs and kept getting the feeling in my gut that he was a musician.

 “What instrument do you play? I’m getting a total musician vibe from you” I said to him. 

“Really?” He laughed “I just finished a gig before I came here.  I’m a songwriter, singer and guitar player”. 

“That’s fucking hot” I replied. 

He laughed, “well maybe later I will pull out my guitar and play for you all” he said.  

“Ok” I said like an excited 5 year old. I adore live music and love when people feel they can just break out in song and display their craft.  I am always so impressed they are not to scared to put it out there.  

Later he did pull his guitar out and played for us while making us sing along.  He has a beautiful voice and has really uplifting sweet lyrics to his songs.  I totally enjoyed his inpromtu performance.

 When he was done he turned to the few of us who sat to the right of him and said “you sounded really good, a few of you can really sing.”  Then my friend David who was sitting next to all of us, said to me “LoLa! I didn’t know you could sing like that”.  I thanked him and got up and walked away.  When it comes to singing I get so incrediby bashful. 
Jamie only stayed a little while and was gone with the night but his music stayed in our souls and we all just kept singing because of him.  I was so lubricated  from alcohol and feeling accepted from previous words of encouragement around my singing; so, I just kept singing too.  It felt good to share my voice with my friends.  At some point I wasn’t scared and felt more free.  When a few of my friends left they told me I had a beautiful voice and I was so honored.  

When Jamie left I so badly wanted to slip him my number. Not because he was hot but because I wanted him to read my poems. I wanted to suggest we work together on something. I think our words and our voices would pair well together.  But, I’ve never done that before and I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone by being such a novice.  So, instead I write to my blog about it with disappointment in my heart and feelings of another missed opportunity.  But, I still had an amazing time last night. 

Just Another crazy day in LoLa-Land


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