A Big Girl

I was at a party the other night and a man who I’ve known for years and who has never been someone I would likely date came on to me. Since, I’ve never picked up any vibes from him that he’s interested in me, I’ve always assumed he felt the same as I did so I was surprised. At this particular party I looked unusually “hot” and I felt his energy shift towards me at some point. However, let me fill you in on some back story.  This poor guy had a rough night. The woman he loves was there on another date and yet she came with him and not the date. I could feel and see his anger and sadness.  I think his finally noticing me was more out of desperation and lonliness then because he really liked me. 

“You know I’ve never been with a big woman before” he said to me as he stood extreamly close to me. His lips a few inches from mine. 

“Are you serious” I asked him?  “Did you just try to flirt with me by implying that I’m a big woman”?

“Well..” He shrugged and looked me up and down.  “You are bigger than me”? Was his response. 

I laughed, “yes! Yes I am” I said to the 5’8 150 lb, 50 something year old man. “I could probably kick your ass. But man, you could have handled that pick up better.  I’m not big. I’m a woman of substance.”

“You are sexy as hell” he said to me. 

“That’s better”, was all I was thinking but I was still not interested and even more so now, because I knew he just needed companionship; He didn’t care from where and I’m not that girl. I still had to get him back for his bad come on.  

“You think I’m sexy” I asked him getting even closer. 

“Oh god yes” he responded

“Then you should see me naked.  My body is sexy as hell when I’m naked.” I teased. 

He let out a moan then puckered his lips and closed his eyes. I was laughing in my head at him.  How drunk and silly he was being. I felt sorry for him. So I leaned in the inch or so and gave him a peck on his lips and then I walked away. 

I hope the next day was better for him. I hope he and his love work their stuff out. For his hearts sake, I hope they figure it out soon. 

Just another big day in LoLa-Land


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