Molly Time

I love my Molly!  (Seriously not talking about the drug here.) I have a friend name Molly who when ever I am near her I feel way more in touch with my psychic self.  It’s like she’s a conduit to my inner abilities.  

Today I had dinner plans with one of my best friends but she cancelled to go up to the city for the day.  I found myself without plans for the evening; which is very rare and I was kind of looking forward to being alone and yet bummed at the same time.  When suddenly Molly texted me and asked if I “had plans for the evening and could I meet her for a meal after work?” I was instantly excited, flattered, surprised and curious.  I was excited to see her. Flattered she wanted to see me because she’s a very social being who is always doing things and always busy.   I was surprised because I thought she was still in Hawaii but mostly I was curious to see what would happen. You see, whenever I’m around Molls, things just pour out of me.  

We were sitting at dinner and catching up on everything and everyone in our lives. (It’s been a few months since we really got to talk). Then she started to talk about her new job and BOOM I felt this weird energy shift inside of me.  This door like opened in my head and I saw her years ago at our old company where we worked together. I pushed my plate aside and said, “here we go! This is it. Let’s talk about it”

She looked confused, “huh?” She asked. 

“This is why you called me” I responded matter of factly practically rolling up my sleeves. 

“LoLa I called you because you’re my friend and I missed you.” She said defensively but kindly. “I just wanted some time with you. You have been on my mind.”. 

“I know Molls. I was so Happy you texted but I think the reason I was on your mind was the universe knew I could help you. Now tell me what’s up with the job?”

Then she toId me what it was and what her reservations were and I  proceeded to give her the message that I was getting and I do believe it spoke to her.  She said, “I know all of this. I know everything you’ve said to me is true. I just needed someone to say it to me.” 

She was right.  I believe that we think about the friends we need, when we are in weird spaces in our lives. There’s a reason we are thinking of them. We all bring something different to the Table. For some reason with my close loved ones and friends my physic abilities are open wide. When I’m near them I can see and feel different things around them or of them; it’s bizarre and I don’t usually talk about it.  But, Molly knows and she gets it.  I love her for that.  I love my Molly time I always want more.  

Just another wonderful day in LoLa-Land  


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