The Pychic Feelings

I think we all have some kind of psychic abilities it’s just a matter of wether we are able to tap into it, or not.  I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to these abilities within myself and or weird things that happen to me. 
Lately I’ve been noticing that I sometimes get a physical reaction because of other people’s energies.  I first noticed it a few years ago when I was dating a raging alcoholic. I would get physically hot when I was around him and then a bad tightness in my chest.  I now see there are more feelings and reactions. 

When I’m near someone’s who’s super happy I feel warmth. My heart and my being become warm all over. It’s lovely and sometimes I’m almost jealous of the person because I wish it was me. 

When I’m around a person who’s really unhealthy or dying, everything in me gets guiet. You could hear a pen drop in my head. (My head is alway going so silence is weird to me.) It’s almost unsettling. I myself will go inward for self preservation and become very peaceful.  Which I think is why I do well with people who are dying.  

When I’m near a person who’s really angry my chest will ache. I will feel a very bad feeling all over and my chest will just suddenly hurt, like I was punched. So when I’m around really angry people I do 1 of 3 things. 1 I will leave, 2 I will tune them out so I’m almost not listening anymore because it hurts. 3 (this is really bad) I find them humerus for what seems like a lot of negativity for no reason (even though I may not no the reason) and I start to smile and giggle.  All three techniques stop the chest pains.  

When I’m around someone who is really sad my jaw gets tight. I feel very overcome by sadness myself and all I want to do is hug the person. This one is the worst because I can’t hug strangers. So I usually have the feeling until about 10 minutes after the person has left my presence.  

When I’m fortunate to be with someone in love my heart gets warm.  It almost feels like it gets bigger and I become over joyed myself.  When someone has a broken heart my heart will actually ache and hurt with each beat until they leave. 
Add in my on emotions to my life and you can imagine what a hot mess I must be like?  Oh well, what can I do? Except acknowledge it and try recognize what’s me and what’s in my environment. 

Just another “learning as I go” kind of day in LoLa-Land


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