Just Thinking 

Tonight one of my cousins posted a video of a conversation between him and his son in the car.  My cousin was driving while his son sat in the backseat yelling at my cousin for not remembering his goggles for swim lessons. My cousin was very non dramatic and matter-of-fact about the entire thing. Basically moving forward with the idea that his kid will survive at swim lessons without his goggles. While his son sat behind him just beyond livid. The kid was throwing things, air stomping his feet yelling at his dad, begging for his moms help and flipping his father off. 

The kid was so confused and so angry he actually flipped his dad off right and then turned his hand around so the front of the finger, with the nail, was facing himself. Which made me laugh and then I was in awe that my cousin didn’t reach back and smack that boy.  

I was thinking to myself (as I watched the video of this kid being pissed off about not having his goggles) not about the fact that the kid was given swim lesson and how cool is that? I was not thinking about all of the kids who never even learn to swim or ever get to go in a pool or body of water. I didn’t think, wow this kid has some real issue with not having his goggles. I wonder if the chlorine hurts his eyes?

No!  All I could think about was, he had his middle finger turned towards himself………………… Does that mean a reverse “Fuck You”? Does that mean, “I love you” instead?  Or does it mean, “Fuck me”?  

I wondered then, if this hand motion will be the new thing? The new self defeating expression of the old “fuck me” can be the middle finger turned towards oneself. We could design t-shirts and coffee mugs. It could be the next yellow dot face or pet rock!!! 

This could be a fucking genuis! And it was all it was all because of a four year old boys fit. 

Just another crazy day in LoLa-Land 

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