I did not allow myself to be sucked back into the bullshit
You were always so quick to blame everything on her
It’s starting to become clear to me that you are full of it
It was you whos intentions were not so pure

I am not blind to your ways anymore
I’ve been around the block a few times since you
I am not going to be crying about you on the floor
Or get pissed off about the stupid things you do

I’ve learned a lot about men this last year or more
I’ve learned a lot about how they think
You may see me standing in front of an open door
Keep the games up and it will be closed in a blink

I don’t handle bullshit with stride any longer
Infact I usually walk away from it damn quick
It doesn’t do anything but make me think stronger
That you’re just a game player and I’m over it

Drama is just not something I have in my life anymore
There’s no space for the stupidity that ensues
I just wanted to be your friend nothing more
I’m already fed up with the things you do

Keep playing this game you’ve got going on
I’m sure it’s a certain type of drama that some feed into
You will be the victim in your eyes when I’m gone 
And then wonder yet again how I could leave you


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2010 Summer Reading List

Sookie Stackhouse, the complete stories A touch of Dead
Finger Prints & Facelifts
His First Wife, Gracce Octavia
The promise of happiness, Justin Cratwright
Silk & Shadows
The Honey Thief
The marriage
Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
The Other Boleyn Girl
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
The Kept woman
Twlight book # 4
twlight book #3

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