Saturday Night 

It’s birthday slumber party night and I told my sister I would be the responsible chaperone to the 5, fifteen and sixteen something year olds in the house. I wonder now as I hide in her master bathroom locked away from the scary stinky world that is all teens which resides outside the outer locked bedroom door, “maybe I shouldn’t be drinking”? 

She said to me, “don’t worry LoLa they’re all old enough to take care of themselves. You just need to make sure they don’t do anything stupid like play with fire or drink alcohol. It’s super easy and I’m in a real bind”. I thought it would be a piece of cake. No big deal right? And I love my Neice we totally hit it off so I’ll be like one of the girls.  

However this would not be the case!  I am to stay in the master suite away from the festivities. My Neice said to me after I had been hanging out with her and her friends for awhile, “don’t you have work to do”?  I was so shocked at her irritated and mean tone.  And yet, at the same time, I get it. I’m old and uncool compared to her friends. So, I quickly resigned to the master bedroom and found solace in their premium cable. 

But the girls cackling and constant lound banter is starting to irritate my Nerve and I only have one left. Why must they speak all at once?  Why must they ALL talk so loud? Are my friends and I like this when we get together (yes) ?  No wonder men stop listening to us. No wonder they don’t pay attention when we talk. They have to learn to tune us out or they would go COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!!!  How can anyone understand anything when everyone is talking at once?? 

So, here I am sitting in the bathroom with my bottle of wine, drinking it from a coffee mug.  With my cell phone in hand,  listening to the loud screams and cackles of joy coming from the other part of the house wishing I hadn’t fallen yet again for my sisters lies.  Then again, it’s all good, what else would I do On a Saturday night?

Just another single Saturday night in Lola-Land 


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