The Sunnyside Of Life

It’s September again.  Last years septembers theme was like this. 

Italy September 2015

If you’ve followed me long you know, it’s my birthday month.  (Yes I get the entire month).  I mean I share, but I celebrate for a month.  This years September theme is like this. 

 So, last weekend I went and stayed with five woman in Tahoe. (No it’s not Italy.  But in my world Italy is just not possible every year).  We were near  “Sunnyside” (of life) in Tahoma. 

Three of the woman are some of my main peeps. One woman I had met once before and one I had never met.  We split up all the Booze and food and all were responsible for something. Me, I got most of the booze. I got a Costco size of vodka and three flavored seltzer waters for the water and soda.  I also brought four bottles of red wine and one white. One of the other  woman brought three bottles of white wine and a small vodka. Yet still, The home owner purchased a large gallon vodka while we were there because we ran out of alcohol the last day. The six of us drank all of that plus some in three days. We were the most well fed lubricated group of  40 something year old woman any of these people have ever seen. 

We ate like kings with one woman busting out some homemade tamales,  with rice and beans. Another woman making barbequed chicken and Tri-tip, with fresh from her garden tomatoes andmozzarella chease and corn on the cob. For dessert everynight we munched on anything we could dip into our dark chocolate Fondu. Marshmallows, strawberries, pretzels, apples, graham crackers al of it is amazing in chocolate. 

I had to hug the trees as they called to me all day to touch them.  I found a friend who would hug them with me.   We discussed relationship Pubic hair, kids and men all weekend. I realized as we drove my car home, that I was again so very blessed to have the friends I have to allow me to enjoy such beautiful sites with such great laughs for free. 
 I had the best time on our trip.  But when we got home, I actually had to talk to my body Tuesday when I was back at work,to remind it that, “what you’re feeling is called sobriety. You will get accustomed to it soon just have some smoothie and get a grip”. 

This is just the start to the fun I will be having this month!  Stay tuned to find out more. 

Just another fun birthday month in LoLa-Land 


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