The Inconsiderate teenager 

I was kind of appalled at my nieces behavior yesterday after her party. Granted she was all hyped up on popularity and sugar but a small amount of appreciation is always needed in these moments.  There were several times last night I would leave the peace of my master suite and make sure the madness of teenager girls wasn’t to maddening. I would usually refill my water cup and cleanup what ever needed to be cleaned up and then go back to my shelter. 

When all the ladies left this morning, I cleaned up the living room and kitchen, took out all the full garbage cans and filled up the dishwasher.  Later I asked my Neice who had the party. “When the dishwasher is  done can you empty it”?  Now officially this is not her chore it’s her sisters but it had been emptied by her sister the day before and was filled up by the party cups. It seemed fare to me to have her put the clean glasses away since she barely did anything else for her own party.  

Instead of doing it she gave me lip!  “That’s not my job”. She said to me in protest. 

“True but your friends filled it up so you can empty it”. I replied. 

“That’s not fare!! Are you going to make her take out the trash”? (The trash is this ones chore).  She asked, as if she had just discovered the best offense to my request. 

“Actually I emptied the trash for you several times” I said not even looking at her. 

“Well I don’t…” She started again with her argument and I interrupted her. 

“You haven’t Even said thank you yet” I noted. 

“For what”? She asked. 

I almost left my sisters house right then and there. Really?! I didn’t get to sleep until 3:30 in the morning because of her and her loud friends. I didn’t have to say yes to chaperoning this event! I didn’t have to get pizza, munchies or doughnuts in the morning and she’s asking me for what?  The biggest thing though that makes me more hurt than anything else is the way she treated me the entire time.

“All you did was host” she said to me and then walked away. 

I don’t know. I feel like my sister is a good mom. I don’t feel like she spoils her kids too much. I don’t know why this one has such a feeling of entitlement like she is some how more deserving then the rest of us  and can treat everyone like shit?  Where does that come from?  

Just Another Jaw Dropping day in LoLa-Land 


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