The best memory I have of him was in the pool. He was so damn tall standing at 6’6. He could walk almost the entire length of the pool with his head above water.  I would climb up Jims body in the shallow end of the pool, until I was siting securely on his shoulders, with his head nestled in between my thighs. If I ever felt like I was going to fall off I would grip his neck with my thighs and his chest with leg muscles. 

Once I was ready and holding on tight he would start to walk deeper into the pool. At this point he would be, maybe knee  Deep in the water.  Once we were no where  near any of the pool walls he would stop walking and I would proceed carefully to a standing position. Now if you can imagine this please. This was when I was about 6 to 8 years old. When I was a child I was very very skinny and a super toe-head blonde.  My little ol body would be completely exposed (to n I felt like I was flying), the earth about 7 or 8 feet away from my face, I was high!!!  (For a young girl this was really high). 

Once I was steady standing on his shoulders. With my ankles gripping his head and my toes trying to grip the loose skin around his collarbone, he would start to walk again. He would walk all the way to the deep end. As he walked he would become more and more submerged in the water. I would watch from above as the water got closer and closer,  which would bring relief to my excited heart.  Once Jim reached the deep endhe would   become completely submerged by the water and I would suddenly be in the water up to my knees. 

Jim would continue to walk us, with his head under water, all the way to the wall of the deep end.  Once he arrived to the other end of the pool from which he started, he would do one of two things. He would either turn around and stand for a minute and then tap my foot. Which told me to jump off because he was out of air. I would then leap off in some awkward half dive, half belly flop; Because, my legs were in the water already. Or he would turn and walk all the way back to the wall of the shallow end, all the while leaving me standing on his shoulders.  

During this entire stunt, He would not be holding on to me with his hands in any way and I would not hold onto him, except for with my ankles.   I used to love when Jim and I would do this. It is one of my only fond memories of him. I would only be scared up there on his shoulders when we were all the way back in the shallow end, because then I was taller then when I started and didn’t have the buffer landing of water on one side any longer.(not to mention the water was so shallow I doubt it would help that much with regards to a smoother landing. When we did this dog and pony trick of ours, we would make my mom a nervous wreck and she would sternly say his name, “jjjimmmmmm”??  All it was, was one word and yet what you heard was, “kill my daughter man and I will break you”! Other than that, she would stay in her lounge chair cool as a cucumber and just watch.  

Those were some fun moments in young LoLa-Land. 


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Sookie Stackhouse, the complete stories A touch of Dead
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Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
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3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
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