Four Rooms in Two Days

For my birthday hotel room in Vegas I had to sit back for awhile and asses what was the most important thing to me was. Did I want a jacuzzi tub, a view, a vibrating bed or to be in the center of everything? I decided that I wanted a view.  The view was the most important thing to me.  I chose a hotel that looked nice and also had some high floors.  What finally made me chose the hotel I did over the others was their floor to ceiling panoramic views.  While I was reserving the room on line they offered me a great deal on an upgrade to a king suite in the tower!! It also promised strip views and free breakfast.  So, I jumped on it because I wanted the best view posable and the upgrade promised higher views. 

When my girlfriend and I Got to the hotel her room was done and mine was not. She purchased what I had originally had before I upgraded.  She had this suite on 63rd floor.  ​

We went to eat and after a few hours my room was ready. Because I had upgraded I got to go to the special registration area for the rich and elite.  We waited for awhile while in the nicer registration area, but we were so excited to see the room we didn’t care.  When it was finally my turn I asked my attendant, “my room faces the strip right”? 

“No ma’am but you have a beautiful view of the mountains” she responded. 

“Ma’am I was promised strip views online, that’s why I upgraded” I state rather irritated.  

The woman types away at her computer and say, “ok ma’am I found you another suite” and proceeds to hand me my plastic card.  “Ma’am just go straight behind you to the private bank of elite elevators and go to the 38th floor”. 

“38th? Is that lower than the 63rd floor” I ask, knowing that answer but wanting them to admit it to me. 

She looks perplexed, “yes ma’am it is”. 

Now I’m getting mad.   I’m feeing very screwed at this point.  “Well when I upgraded online I was not only promised a strip view but a higher suite in the tower as well. Why would I be 20 floors lower than my friends who paid $50 less than me” I asked her obviously upset?  

My friend trying to be the optimist says, “let’s go look at it LoLa it may be an amazing view and an amazing room”! 

Spurred on by her excitement I took the keycard begrudgingly thanked the woman helping me and turned to the private elevator waiting to take me to my amazing suite. And Waiting is what we did.  We stood in the fancy lobby for rich people waiting for the rich people’s elevator for 10 minutes. I looked at my friend and said, “your elevators came 10 seconds after we pushed the button”.  

Finally the lift comes and we get on. Anxious as hell to finally see my room. We had already been in Vegas for 3 hours and I hadn’t even gotten rid of my bags. I couldn’t wait to unpack and go see some sites! The doors open and we jump off the elevator, only to discover three steps out that we were only on the 34th floor. I wanted to scream because I knew what was about to happen. I turned back to the three elevators and pushed the up button; and then we waited.  After another 5 minutes a door opened and we took the lift to our floor. 

I put the key in the door and made a little wish, “please be magnificent”! When I pushed the door open I saw the exact same room as my friends.  Which as impressive as it is was not special at all looking at the back of another building and directly over the party pool. My shoulder slumped and my insides started to boil at the same time. 

I sat down at the same desk and lifted the same phone my friend had in her room and called the special rich persons front desk. “Hi this is room 3822 I would like a new room. I was promised a high suite and a strip view this is neither”. 

“Well ma’am with your offer you also get concierge and a free breakfast in bed every day! Up to $30”. (she said the last part very quickly under her breath)!  

“I don’t care about any of that! I just wanted to be up high with a view.  I want to be down graded back to where my friend is and I want a higher room please”. I demanded. 

I heard her computer keys clicking and then she said “ok I can give you a 59th floor and I have credited the $100 back to your card.  Stay in the room and we will bring you your new room key.” Smart woman didn’t want me causing a fit downstairs I bet.  “Ma’am from now on you are no longer a tower suite guest so you must use the regular bank of elevators and the main registration desk for any of your needs”. She Warned me, as if to let me know I was no longer worthy of the rich persons special immunities. 

“Oh THANK GOD!!! Thank you so much for Your help!” I said on the other end of the phone. I don’t think that was the reaction she was expecting. 

Soon our bell rang and a bellhop brought us my new room keys. The only thing o said to him was, “thank you” and ” can you please direct us to the common people’s bank of elevators”?  He pointed through some double doors and off we went.  As soon as we pushed the button on the “normal” elevators one of the doors shot open.  It didn’t take long at all to finally arrived at my newest room and you will never guess what?!    (Wait for it!)    IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME as all of the rest. 

The next morning around 2:30 when I finally laid my head down to sleep all I could hear was the booming of drums from very loud music.  I couldn’t figure out why it was so loud.  I got up and looked out the window and that’s the first time I noticed there was a pool party pool right below my window. 

extream close up above party pool

But 59 stories to be exact so why on earth can I hear that? I climbed back in bed and ended up tossing and turning until 4am when I finally asked the front desk for earplugs. Which interestingly enough they provide free of charge (that’s not to common is it?) 

When I woke up later that day I called the front desk.  (Yes I did! I had the nerve to) “Ma’am how may I assist you” the woman on the other end asked me? 

“Hi, yes, can I get a room on the other side of the hotel? Up high?”  (Yes I had the nerve to ask for that too.) 

Irritated the woman told me nothing was available but she would call me back if that changed. I thanked her and my girlfriend and I went on our way. About 4 hours later they called and said they had a room on the 61st floor facing the mountains.  I thanked them for their help and accepted the room. I rushed back to the hotel, got the new keycard and gathered up everything I owned and threw it in my bag and off I went to the 61st floor.  Walked into my final home for my final evening in Vegas and guess what, it was exactly the same room.  But, I do love that room. I slept like a baby. 

Just another travel day in LoLa- Land

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