Tracey And Her Friends

I’ve written about my friend Tracey before, primarily because she’s Note worthy. I wrote an entire post called, Doing It Tracey’s Way because I found the time I spent with her so fun. So of course going to Las Vegas with her seemed like a Kick Ass idea.  We had a blast as I suspected. The first night when she wasn’t sick to her stomach, was an adventure. We did lots of walking around on the strip and even went to old strip or rather “Freemont Street” and in usual Tracey style she asked me to take pictures of her with any random type of character she could. There was one I didn’t snap a photo of because I was looking for our Uber but I did manage to get these.  

This lovely lady was in one of the door ways of our hotel; offset high up in her own little brick alcove. Tracey climbed into the cove and proceeded to pretend licking the statues private parts, while yelling at me to “take a picture!!!”  

After that she stayed a little tame which I found very surprising because…. It’s Vegas baby. Things are always heating up there.  

We had a lot of fun posing and shopping inside the Bellagio.   I think Tracey’s next boyfriend is standing behind the horse.  

She just loves the characters. I wonder if she’s a furrie Deep down?  (You Never know and I’m not judging either way). 
This one is the one I wanted a picture of.  In California there is a very strict “no open alcoholic containers in public” law. See, I was already trippen when we were leaving the restaurant and the waitress gave us both a to-go cup of our booze.  You can’t do that in California, the liquor stays in the bar or home. So, to be able to be not only walking around in public with alcohol; but, to be doing it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE COPS!!! Well, that just blew my mind. Holly crap! I’m not going to get arrested. So, this time I asked if I could get a picture. 

No they aren’t strippers. Everyone who sees the picture now thinks that they were. But, like I told my Neice, “I’ve never been bashful about admitting when I’ve hung out with strippers before. Why would I start lying now?”  Here’s how in shock I was.  I was so giddy to be drinking I was more concerned with my cup showing in the picture that I didn’t even notice how hot the two cops were until I looked at the picture later.  

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