Doing It Up Limo Style

My actual birthday this year fell on a very boring weekday. I of course took the day off (actually I took the week off, but I digress) so I could play.  You know me, I have to do something really cool on my actual birthday; so, I don’t get depressed. Yes, I know I just got back from Las Vegas but still had to do something on my a actual birthday. Right?

I love to go wine tasting and going up to wine country and wine tasting for free is so much fun, but someone always has to stay sober to drive home and that sucks for them. So, I thought to myself, “self,  wouldn’t it be fun this year for my actual birthday to rent a limo and go to the wine country for the day”?

One of my BFF’s and I were together when this idea came up and she instantly jumped on it (along with my “self”) and we started working it out.  Honestly she took care of everything for me. She lined up the limo, the times we would need it,  even the pick up locations. She was fantastic. She pretty much paid for it too! I put a shout out on Facebook to about 25 of my closest peeps, to see if anyone was willing to take the day off work and get drunk? 10 woman said yes to a limo wine tour.

In the end 6 of us played hookie and had a blast in the beautiful sweeping vineyards of Healdsburg and Geyserville California. It was a beautiful day. 

Again I was reminded that I am truly blessed with some of the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for.  They all paid for my lunch at Francis Ford Coppola’s restaurant, Rustic. It was so yummy, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

Then it was off to several wineries where we proceeded to get more and more hammered. 

In the end I was a very bad girl and I mixed my alcohols… Again.  The consumption went something like this, secco, champagne, secco, champagne, red wine, white whine, champagne, red wine, more red wine, more champagne, two coma Cozzi drinks and one vodka and cranberry. Believe it of not; some how, I didn’t get sick?!  I did black out and I was still drunk the next morning but I didn’t  care I took that day off to. 

Just another fabulous birthday in LoLa-land


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