Gluttonous Weekend

I was such a bad bad girl this weekend
Nothing got done that needed to
I fluttered around doing odds and ins
Only accomplishing what I wanted to do

I didn’t get the bills paid
Who knows if I even have the money
I didn’t get the bed made
Who cares if it’s messy it’s not hurting anybody

I didn’t get my grocery shopping done
I have no lunch to eat today
I didn’t work out or even go for a run
My messy bed begged me to stay

The only energy I spent was having sex
Calling on a lover when ever I was randy
All I had to do was send out a little text
It may sound crass but it sure is handy

I laid in bed like a gluttonous pig
Rolling around in my own filth
I ate what I wanted, drank and smoked cigs
No concern for my tortured health

I thought about showering and shaving
Thinking about it was as far as I got
I took a bath which goes against my water saving
Screw feeing bad, perfect, I am not

I watched so much TV my brain began to rot
I can’t determine what I watched verses reality
It’s almost as if I smoked way to much pot
Always crashing out right before the shows finale

I drank so much this weekend I’m now part fish
Passing out on the couch only happened twice
“Let me not be hung over” was my only wish
With a weekend like this I must pay the price

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