What Do You Need?

As per usual, in LoLa-Land days, this one was just as odd as all the rest.  I was sitting at work minding my own business when I suddenly received a text from my Neice. 

“Auntie LoLa can you stop at the dentist by your work and pick me up some teeth” she asked?

“Don’t you have enough” I asked her , totally assuming she’s kidding and has some punchline coming. 

“It’s for a school project” she replied. 

“Oh my god I think she’s serious”, Was all I kept thinking. “Dosen’t your mom have your baby teeth” I ask?  Of course I knowfull well my sister keeps all of her kids things. I could see her keeping something gross like her kids lost teeth. Still spinning about my sister and everything she holds onto I was left unprepared for my nieces next text, 

“They have to be fresh teeth”. 

Oh man is she for real right now?  Am I being asked to transport a plethora of random strangers teeth to my Neice? Is this a Auntie responsibility? Is there some “Auntie” handbook I can refer to? I want to see if handling strangers castoff body parts is part of my “auntie” duty? 

Then I wondered, what if she’s really joining some kind of cult and has to have human parts for some sort of devil worshiping ceremony? With teenagers it’s always wise to weigh every scenario in your head before you agree to anything because you never know what you’re getting yourself into.  Hell, these could be back market teeth that I could get killed over.  GThey say John Lennens tooth was auctioned off for $30,000 and it had a cavity in it.)Then I think, maybe I’m watching too much CSI.  Here’s what I do know, I’m not prepared to die over some kids “school project”. 

“Please” she texts me again. (Damn she’s even being nice). 

My mind is still swimming; What kind of school project involves having kids beg for strange people’s cast off chompers? And really how fresh can they be if they aren’t still attached to someone’s jaw? But of course, I responded with the usual, 

“ok, but don’t make me a necklace out of them or anything, because I won’t wear it!”

More on this to follow. 

Should I include photos? 

Just a another jaw dropping day in LoLa-Land 


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