What’s A Few Teeth Between Friends

Before reading this you must first read my last post, ” What Do You Need? | Funny Girl LoLa https://funnygirllola.wordpress.com/2016/10/03/what-do-you-need/“. 

Today I actually did the deed.  I left work early to go pick up my nieces disgusting school supplies, Human Teeth!  I walked into the dentists office,  which smelled just like every other dental office I have ever been in.  Instantly I felt ill at ease and nervous. I hate going to the dentist. I would rather have a gynecological procedure then get a routine cleaning at the dentist. I quickly walked up to the front desk and waited for the woman behind the pristinely clean glass partition.  

“Hi, can I help you?” She asked. 

“Mmm yeah, I have been unhappily tasked with the responsibility of retreaving strange people’s unwanted teeth for a school prodect” i stop and take a deep breath. 

Chuckling, the woman responds, “oh of course.  We were expecting you.  I don’t blame you, that’s why we put them in. Bag for you”. 

Another lady comes running up from behind and says urgently, “what ever you do don’t look in the bag! And if you get pulled over by a cop  just “be chill honey bunny”. 

I started cracking up so hard. “I don’t even want to try and explain this to a cop” I said as she handed me a sweet little white paper bag with handles through the open glass window.

I thanked both the nice ladies and walked out of the office. I actually couldn’t wait to get out, just the smell was innerving me. Once outside I was a bit ill at ease still.  A little worse for wear because now I was armed with a bag of teeth. As I walked to my car I could hear the sound of teeth clacking around. It was making the hairs on the back of my teeth stand up. 
Of course I did what they told me not to; wouldn’t  you? I took a deep breath, looked in the bag and saw a plastic specimen bottle with a lid.  You know like the ones you pee in at the doctors ? I was so disgusted and yet I knew it wasn’t going to have spiders Jump out at me if I open the container to get a better look. So, of course that is exactly what I did and  this is what I saw.  


Are these horse teeth? The damn things are huge!  

Just another Fun filled day in LoLa-Land


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