The Line

I don’t expect anyone to listen to me
To men I’m just an attractive woman
Not everyone can take me seriously
I’m on the other side of the line from them

I pride myself on having a very quick brain
A firm line on what I think is right or fair
My stubbornness to walk my line drives some insane
Take me or leave me, I don’t really care

I won’t judge you, your choices or your line
To me it’s more about who you are now
But don’t you dare underestimate mine
Don’t assume you can cross my line somehow

We all have to do, what we have to
Sometimes we just don’t have a choice
Do we stay in line and do what we’re supposed to do
Or do we listen to the our little devilish voice

I’m not weak enough to become your prey
I have seen your type of person before
You need to walk the line or go away
You won’t be dragging me to the floor

Don’t ever try to put me in line
I don’t fallow the same path you do
We can walk together, that’s fine
But I refuse to change who I am for you

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