It’s a Great Life 

I was recently at a wedding for a member of my adopted family and I was having the most amazing time just seeing everyone I love so much. At one point I was talking to a friend I’ve known since high school and she introduced me to a woman I had never met before who was sitting with us.  After the normal cordial greetings the woman looked at me and asked me, “so how’s your life treating you”? As if she had known me for years and wanted to catch up.  I was a bit taken back by this question from this virtual stranger.  Do I tell her the truth of do I give her the socially preferred answer like , “good! How’s yours”?  

 I didn’t really know the truth.  I hadn’t how life was treating me in some time. I  went straight into my deep thoughts and started a survey in my head “weeeeeelll, I have way more good days then bad days.  I usually like my job.  I’m healthy for the most part so that’s good.  But, I am not really excited about anything”.  After about thirty seconds I decided I didn’t know what to say about my life so I was going to go with the social norm response.  Suddenly my old friend pipes in and says, “oh my god!!! LoLa has the best life! I want her life!   She is always going places and doing all these fun things. I can barely keep up with her instagram posts!  I’m jealous of her life all the time”!

All I could think was, “wow! Is that how she feels about my life, she’s jealous? That’s both sad for her and really cool for me.” Then in my mind I saw her day in and day out, in her dark home with her full range of sons from high school to grade school. Dealing with the daily routine and monotony of life. Maybe not even attracted and most  definitely irritated by her man.  That’s when I got out of my head and looked at her, I mean really looked at her and her eyes were sparkeling and she was all lit up suddenly.  She was getting excited talking about my life! “This is so crazy that her energy would change as she spoke of someone else’s existence and yet so very cool for me to realize that’s how someone else sees my existence as so amazing.  Then it occurred to me, “I guess I do have a pretty great life”. 

That’s when I turned to the woman who originally asked me the “how’s life” guestion in the first place and finally responded, “life is great!  My old friend here is right, I have a great life”! And with that the woman barely mustard a “well that’s nice” before she turned and walked away.  

I don’t know if I took to long to answer? Or if she was overwhelmed by how great my life was? Or if she was just trying to have a superficial polite chit chat with me and could care less? Her lack of interest in my life really didn’t bother me.  I was still spinning from the acceptance that “my life is great” realization. 

It was a good day in LoLa-Land


Easter Bunny

Even though I have no boyfriend and for a year now I’ve had no one to get that special gift for on Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Which has actually been pretty nice because I’ve saved a fortune. I tend to go overboard sometimes with my plans and gifts for those special days. 

My mom says to me, “LoLa you do all these extravagant things for your men and then you expect the same in return and end up disappointed. No one could ever meet up to your expectations because your so over the top.”   I listened to her and I’ve been trying to keep things in perspective. 

So, here it is Easter and this year I want to do something special for Sesy Fireman. He told me once he hasn’t been given a birthday gift for years, which I think, is just sad.  I am sure it’s been even longer since he got an Easter Basket of goodies.  I didn’t go over board on what I put in it. Just the typical Easter treats and some items specific to just him.

He’s making me dinner tomorrow so I’m actually going to hide it and make him look for it.  I just know how excited he got when he handed me the wad of cash after my injury. I am sure it will be much of the same when he realizes it is like it was when he was a Kid and there is a basket of treats waiting for him somewhere. That’s the part I’m most excited about, watching his  glee. 

Sexy fireman has been feeling so guilty lately because he gave me a concussion. He hit my head on a beam and now every time he sees the beam he gets upset because there is an obvious dent. I think if it weren’t a load baring beam he would have replaced it. I could care less. I’m over the entire ordeal.  But I was awestruck he gave me such a generous gift and took care of the situation the best he could.  A lot of men, I’m sorry to say,  woukd have cut and run and left me to figure it  all out on my own.

I want to do something nice for him because of his generosity and responsible actions. He deserves something sweet done for him and I am just giddy thinking about his response. I know that even if he hates all the candy he will still love the thought.  Yet another reason I’ve kept this man around. 

I hope you all get a chance to bring some joy to someone today. 


Can I Do That Mom?

It’s a beautiful day today. I had a hard time going to work. Looking out at the sunshine and all the people enjoying it only makes me miss it more when I’m stuck behind a desk inside. So, I did my best to enjoy it and rode my bike to work and back. 

On my way home I passed a large Hispanic family.  A Mother and her brood of small kids. She had three boys and a very small daughter walking beside her. As I passed through them I heard the young girl say to her mom, “that’s a girl mom?” 

“Yes honey that was a woman riding her bike” the mom answered. 

“Does that mean I can ride a bike too mom” the girl asked her mom. 

I looked back and gave  the cute kid a big wink and didn’t wait to hear the moms reply. But, suddenly I was filled with so much joy. 

Yes!!! Yes young sweet thing. Yes you can ride! You can do whatever you want to do. You can do what ever you set your mind to. I realized I was joyful because just being on my bike showed a young female that she can do it too. 

I remember being in college wondering to myself, “what the hell am I going to do with my life”?  All the Aptitude tests I took told me I should work with children. I should be a teacher or a nurse. But, to me those jobs were what every other woman was doing and had always done. I wanted to be something different. I wanted to be more than what the damn aptitude test figured I was. No offense to teachers or nurses. I feel both of those careers are highly rewarding and very important but I wanted something else. 

Then one day one of my favorite professors, a Native American, lesbian in her 50’s told us her story. About how she was told she couldn’t do anything but be a mother and stay on the land to raise her Native American kids. Instead she joined the army. Then studied psychology and was called on to help a soilder the army thought was Schizophrenic.  She diagnosed him as psychic. And then the fight between what doctors feel is psychotic behavior due to talking to invisible beings vs the native Americans belief that their spirit quides will lead them to what they need to do, began. 

She discussed her struggles with the knowledge she learned from the white community vs the raising she received as a native amarican and the differences in those two beliefs, and how the effect the mentally diagnosed. She decided it was her calling to be a voice for the other native amaricans who may be stuck in the white man’s psychological system.  

I sat and listened to her amazing story and I thought to myself, ” if she can do it so can I”!  Knowing I had far less chalenges to face.  Yet, here she was, living proof that I could do whatever I wanted to do!  She was an inspiration to me. She was a visual reminder that just because I was a female meant nothing negative. That I could accomplish what ever I wanted to in my life. It was then I knew what I wanted to do and I got my degree in that field, with honors. 

I’m appreciative of woman like this professor of mine for paving the way for me and my nieces. I am also appreciative of my mother (not my very rich father) that paid for my entrie education (a part from what my scholarships paid).  I am Thankful that she didn’t listen to her mom and just stay in the kitchen to care for us brats. 

I hope to continue to be an inspiration to other woman and young girls. Even if it is only for something small like riding my bike. Because even the smallest actions can bring about big changes. 

Just another wonderful day in LoLa-Land 

Goodbye Teacher

This weekend I had to say goodbye to the best vocal teacher I have ever had. I’m not a music major, hell I can’t even read music. But, I love to sing and when I know a song well, I can sing it beautifully. This weekend we put to rest my college choral instructor, Dr. Curtis Springer. Doc was my 6th and (so far) last choral instructor I have had.

When I heard docs choir I knew I wanted in. They sounded so amazing. Their voices would vibrate down the hall of the music building and rattle the Steele locks that hung from the metal lockers. His choir was one made up of people who desired to be musical professionals. They were made up of 80% music majors and the rest a spattering of talented people who just wanted to sing.

When I tried out for Doc I was so nervous. I had no idea what to expect. He had me sing all the chords and then look at a page of notes with no words and hum the song. That is where I bombed miserably. When we were done he looked at me and said, “that was supposed to be Happy Birthday and you didn’t even come close. I love your voice; but, I wonder if you can keep up?” With that he decided to let me into his magnificent choir on a probationary bases. On the terms that I had to sing a solo for him in front of all of the singers in a few weeks, to see if I could keep up. Being slightly insane, I gladly took the deal.

I worked my ass off for Doc. I practiced like crazy. I even let some of my classes like Biology or philosophy fall by the waste side to make sure I was perfect. When It was time for me to do my final try out in front of the class I felt like puking. I could feel their judgement on me. I sang about 35 bars from a Latin song in my first alto voice and when I was done doc walked up to me, stood right in front of me, looked me in the eyes and said, “good job”. It was probably the best day of my life (at least at that 19 year old point), and one of the only compliments he ever gave me. I can’t tell you how many times that man flared up my sensitive tummy issues.

I sang for Doc for two entire years. I sang nestled in between a swarm of opera singers and I loved every minute of it. Maybe it was his bald head that turned bright red when he was mad? Maybe it was because he threw Pencils at us when we screwed up really bad, I don’t know. All I know is he brought out the best singer in me and in all of us. I would get chills listening to us preform. He was the best choral teacher I have ever had and I consider myself lucky being a part of one of his ensembles.

His death came as very sad but unsurprising news. He had been teaching voice since the 70’s and he’d worked with me in the mid 90’s. When they called on his old singers to join in a choral performance at his funeral, I didn’t have a second thought. I knew I would struggle to keep up with the others who could perform at a drop of a hat, but I loved this man for what he did for me and as usual was willing to put my tummy through certain trials, to bring him joy, even in heaven.

There was probably about 70 people who showed up to sing. (Honestly I expected 100’s). The oldest singer was in a wheel chair and looked to be in his 80’s and the youngest (who was a daughter of another one of his students) was 14. We showed up 1 hour before the funeral and quickly went over 52 pages of music. I will admit I was a bit all over the place on the notes in some parts. But I was proud of myself for knowing when to at least sing and not to sing.

Even though doc was not there physically. And some of his old students were instructing us, I feel we did an amazing job especially considering the amount of music we had to learn and in such a short time frame. It was worth it to stress myself out one last time for him. And I hope he heard us where he is now and that he was smiling. Because we gave me chills again singing for his funeral. and I gotta hope that was him approving.

God speed Doc. Thank you so much for everything.

Dr Springer Memorial

Dr Springer Memorial

Ben Harper

Recently went and saw Ben Harper play at a near by venue. When I was married my ex and I listened to Ben’s music quite often on the weekends during chore day. His music is so poetic and so telling. His message is clear with each song. He preaches against racism and inequality. Like Bob Marley and John Lennon he speaks of change and loving each other.
I received his concert tickets as a birthday gift from the parental units and I was excited to go but had no one to go with me. I finally Asked and old friend if he’d like to go and he said yes. This man has been my friend since college and has always told me like it is. We have never been romantic in any way and I always have a blast when I’m with him. We are very similar in that we both love crowds and are always up to try something new.
While at the concert, unbeknownst to us, my old friends wallet fell out of his pocket. He had no clue it was missing until he arrived home. He texted me on his way back to the venue the next day to let me know of his pursuit and what was going on.
I felt so Bad for him. It can be so bad to lose your wallet, your identity can be stolen, your credit cards can be maxed out and your cash stolen (and he had a lot on him). But, for the last 10 years or so when I have left my garage door open, left my purse somewhere or left my iPod hanging out of my car door, no one has stolen from me. All of my possessions have either been right where I left them or someone has called me to return them. It was my hope for him that he would find the same good fortune, especially considering where we were. We were listening to a man leave his heart on the stage begging us to be good people. Hopefully the spirit passed beyond just me, because I know I felt it.
I told my friend, ” to many people in this area believe in karma! I would have turned it in or contacted you to return it. I wish you good karma”. About 20 minutes later he texted me back,
“Got it!!! There is good karma!”
I asked, “was your money there too?”
“EVERYTHING!!” He replied.
“I love this town.” I answered
I’m not sure if Ben had anything to do with my fellow neighbors honesty or if it’s just the wonderful place I live. I don’t know maybe most places are like this and we are just all so Conditioned by the horrors we see in the press, we assume the worst in everyone? Maybe it was Mr. Harper and his truth telling lyrics and poetic stances that made this anonymous person do the right thing? All I know is I was happy that my friend who pitched in and took me to a concert and treated me to a birthday dinner, did not lose his wallet or have to deal with the consequences of that.

Another great day in LoLa- Land

Story of good fortune

A friend of mine went to the local casino because it is the new big attraction around here. She had never been gambling before so she was excited to try her luck. She walked into the lush bright new casino with $140.00 in her pocket and hopes to leave with more.

She started at a slot machine. Having never gambled before she thought it would be an easy way to get her feet wet. She put $20.00 in and pushed a few buttons and before she knew it her $20.00 was just a memory and the devil of a machine was asking for more funds. Frustrated she got up to find a new machine.
She then sat down at one of the old school machines that have only three rolling bars and the big silver handle to pull. She figured this would be easier than the other one that ate all her money so quickly. She tried to read the directions that stated what pictures would be winners and started to play. She thought it was a penny machine, not realizing it was a $5.00 slots.
She pulled the handle and watched the spinning pictures go. When they stopped she couldn’t tell if she won or not. So she pulled the handle again. Again she was unsure if she won or lost but it still said she had credit in the machine so she pulled the lever again. Still there were no big whistles or lights; she was starting to become irritated. “Why couldn’t she win ANYTHING!?” She tried the lever one more time but this time it would not work. She thought to herself, “How the hell did I go through $20 in two pulls?” She was about to get up and find yet another machine when she read this weird small print scrolling past her on the screen, “you have won! Please wait for an attendant”.
She was so confused, “what did she win? Why did she have to have attendant? Was she in trouble? What did she do wrong? “. She turned to the strange man sitting next to her and said, “Do you know what’s wrong with this thing!”
He looked at her slots machine, grunts and irritated says, “Yah you won”.
“Really!? How much?” She asks him.
“You won ten thousand dollars” he responds blankly.
“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME”!!!! She squealed as she sat stunned.
“I have never gambled before in my life and I JUST WON $10,000 DOLLARS” declared my 50 (something) year old friend as the stranger grunted again.  Soon a crowd had formed around her as I am sure they waited for the presentation of her big cardboard check. Still stunned, this single mother of two college age children, living in subsidized housing, who is always struggling to make her monthly bills, turned to the crowd and said joyfully, “I bet you all wish you were me right now!”
I tell you this couldn’t have happened to a better person. It’s been a week and she is still on cloud nine. She has had a grin on her face for the entire week and has reveled in the realization that she CAN buy those nice pots and pans she has been coveting. She can buy the new fancy sewing machine she has been salivating over for years. For the first time,  in as long as she remembers, she can buy whatever her kids want and buy them easily. We went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and as she sat the bar with me with her huge grin she turned to me and said, “I can buy everyone in here a drink if I want to!”
I am so happy for her joy and I know she will be wise about how she uses it.

I’m a Believer

The title of this just made me laugh because apart from Aliens and Ghosts I don’t believe in much. I have stood against most organized religions all of my life and yes I mean all. I remember at 8 years old arguing with my best friends catholic mother that there could be a heaven and not a hell. As I get older, I fall more and more inline with Buddhist beliefs and now I am branching out into different forms medicine.
Having just recently been subscribed PROZAC by my family doctor to cure sever PMS (pre menstral Syndrom). I decided that I was proud I was damn near 40 and still not on some daily prescription for some ailment or another. And the Idiotic ness of taking a anti depressant every day because I cry to much and can’t think straight for 2 or 3 days seems, well… Idiotic! (Sorry Doc, but really?)
So, I started doing acupuncture to hopefully help my aching back from the two weeks of bloating and the two days of severe mood swings. I have been going now for almost a month and since I started I have had very little to no physical pain. My bloating was minimal this moon cycle and I was able to realize that I wasn’t thinking rationally on the days I was suffering from PMS. There were no thoughts of slapping anyone or visions of me throttling my boss. I didn’t even shed one tear, much less use an entire box of Kleenex because my friend cancelled dinner! Acupuncture is fricken amazing! I feel so good when I leave acupuncture and that feeling stays with me internally for hours to days. As soon as they place the needles I crash out like a dog whose been chasing kids all day. I sleep for almost an hour listening to the sounds of trickling water and tree frogs. Then just as quickly as I fell asleep, I wake up and I am ready to go.
I would recommend it to anyone for almost anything! I really do feel like it is a one stop FIX-ALL.
Oh well just another day in LoLa-Land

Performance night

Acrobats take your places
Audience please take your seat
As we put on new faces
That melts off in the spot lights heat

We have designed for you an escape
A kaleidoscope of visual beauty
It will force your mouth to fall agape
As you marvel at the sights you’ll see

We will move in ways you could never imagine
We will delight you with a promise of more
We will invoke in your hearts a since of passion
As we cascade from the ceiling to the floor

Our job is simple in its pursuit
It is nothing more than to astound you
It’s simplicity is just a rouse to
As the difficulties plaque even those who do

Our movements as fluid as they seem
Are made from years of training
To be able to fly without using wings
Is quite nearly an impossible thing

With our beautiful extravagant costumes
And our special built in set
We will charge to get you out of your rooms
Hoping you’ll have no regrets

As we swing above your heads
Dropping glitter from above
It will look as if a couple had wed
All you need then is some love

We will vibrate you from your feet down to your core
Our sounds will take you to places long ago
The urge to jump with us will make your heart sore
When the show is over you wont want to go.

Happy Anniversary To Me

Dear WordPress friends

To all my friends, followers and to all the people who just check into my blog from time to time, I want to thank you for your time and attention.  I have been writing as FunnygirlLoLa for three years exactly now.  It never occurred to me when I started writing that anyone would actually be interested in what I had to say.  To me this was a way for me to keep my sanity and to express myself in words. I wrote all the time when I was younger.  I wrote a number of journals, books of poems and of course papers for teachers in school.  When I was done with college I placed all my journals, poetry and even books to read in a drawer and locked it.  I was done!  I was so tired of writing and reading, I didn’t care when or if I would ever partake of those pleasures again.  I think this feeling came from the fact that they were not pleasurable for me anymore.  Always reading countless books, texts and papers for school and then reporting on what I read,  was so boring to me.  School took my love of reading a writing from me.

I guess I needed 20 years!  20 years to pick up a pen and paper.  20 years to read a book for fun.  I am happy that I have rediscovered my joy for these things.  I am even happier that so many of you appreciate what I may have to say.

I do want to apologize for my terrible spelling and grammar.  I was not hooked on phonics!  I was nine when my teachers discovered I could still NOT read.  I was in the “challenged” (or in other words STUPID) classes for years.  My parents didn’t know at the time that I was dealing with more than lack of attention.  They had no clue i could not hear most of what teachers were saying to me or that I had a learning disability.  I struggled with school all the way through college.  Nothing ever came easy to me, unlike my brothers who could skip all classes, and all the homework assignments, come in on test day and get an A on the exam.  I was at every class, doing all the homework and still had a hard time passing tests.  Yet, I was still my families first college graduate and I graduated with honors, no less.   I may not be the best at spelling or forming sentences but that does not mean that I don’t have something important to say.

My goal in life, is to write for a living and to love it,  wouldn’t that be amazing?  What if this woman who could barley read and who still has a hard time identifying a sentence actually was able to make a living at writing?  I wish you all the ability to do what it is you love for a living.  I wish you all luck and please, wish me luck as well.  Please keep reading and commenting, I appreciate all of your feed back.



Maker Faire

Today I went to the Maker Faire. It was so cool and crazy. It was like Mad Max and the Thunder Dome meets Weird Science. I saw everything from light shows, robots, woman in pirate wear and like 30 people knitting at once. The idea of Maker Faire supports fresh new Innovative ideas on new concepts or better ways to do old concepts. They support anything that one could possibly think to make and the more energy Efficient the better.
They had people riding bikes to make the power needed to fuel a bands needs and so much more.
Here are some pictures I took while I was there.








I would recommend that anyone who can get an opportunity to go to the Maker Faire should go. And if you have kids I would beg you to take them too. It is so cool and inspirational for all.

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