Another Free Association

Ok if you didn’t see the first one. This is a 2 min free association. I write whatever comes to my mind not paying attention to what I’m saying. I start writing what ever comes to mind and stop in exactly two minutes.

Ready Go …

This is a new day for you.
This is a new life.
Plan what you want but don’t be held down by those plans.
Don’t let them stop you from what your true hearts dream is and do that instead.
Go with your instinct and go with your heart. You will find the peace and happiness you so desire when you start to pursue those dreams.

Life is what you make of it and you can make the most of it when you follow your inner voice.
Don’t live in fear of what could be or what might happen, JUST DO IT!!

Walk on the edge of life if that what you want. Take a…

Stop. Times up.


2 minute free Association

In school I had different teachers that would have us write “free Association” style for 1,2 maybe 10 minutes, where you sit down and write. You don’t worry about punctuations or spelling errors. You don’t think about forming opinions or making points. There’s no beginning, body, conclusion. Free association is whatever comes to mind.
I have never done this on my blog I have no idea what will come out and when I do this in my diary I have a hard time figuring out if it is me or if I channel spirits? Because sometimes I do not sound like myself. If anyone has any thoughts on this let me know. Ok timer set…. go!

Its childish to expect that things will always remain the same
Even if history does repeat itself.
To expect the nuances of your day to never be toiled with or drifted upon would be asinine.
One can only consider ones own self worth and it Is imperative to evaluate that self worth off of the fundamentals that lie within that soul not another’s.
Time is what one needs to see the error of his ways.
Time is the essence behind all that stumps and detours us.
Time is the problematic architecture of our joy and our hearts; Accessing our souls unwillingly, time and time again. You must except that time is not a factor for which you can manipulate in regards to the heart.
It will ask for what ever it wants and that will be its sole desire.
All else fall at the waste side and drain us of our thoughts and prayers.
Be strong to the person you are within. Be true to the woman you know you are. Time will answer all of your questions and your hearts fire will burn long and hard.
You will be
( times up)

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2010 Summer Reading List

Sookie Stackhouse, the complete stories A touch of Dead
Finger Prints & Facelifts
His First Wife, Gracce Octavia
The promise of happiness, Justin Cratwright
Silk & Shadows
The Honey Thief
The marriage
Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
The Other Boleyn Girl
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
The Kept woman
Twlight book # 4
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