Grateful Dead concert part 3

My friend and I walked up to the back door away from all the crowds, but still surrounded by a dozen or so, groupies.  The bouncers were shooing everyone away from the door.  My friend  had to talk fast to explain who she was and why we were there. She told him her uncle worked for Drummer and he was expecting us. The roadie looked at us both up and down. It was obvious we were not your typical “dead heads”.
“Wait here” he said and then walked through the door and shut it closed behind him. She and I stood there for what felt like forever. We started to wonder if we would ever make it in? We had no idea how we would get back to her mom? We had no cell phones because this was in the 80’s.  We had no money and we had no address except for our homes (which was an hour away) that we could even go to.   Finally the door flew open and the roadie waived us in. I took in the biggest breath of relief.
When we got inside it was like the back of any other auditorium, just on a much larger scale. The bouncer led us a long white corridor and up a half-dozen black wood steps. We were then in a dark hall of some sort surrounded by a black wall on the left of us  and makeshift black wall of  curtained off rooms to the right. He walked us to the last curtained room at the end of this dark space and told us to wait.

I sat down on one of the three or four chairs in the room. While I nervously waited to see what could possibly happen next.  As I waited,  I pushed the toe of my shoes into the plush of the Oriental rug that made up the entire floor of my new world. There was some shirts and jackets hanging up and some chests that I didn’t dare open, as well as several pairs of drumsticks.   It was fairly dark and somewhere very close someone was listening to some really loud music. It was so loud the seat that I was sitting on was vibrating from the base.
Suddenly, my friends uncle came through the curtain and gave us both hugs. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see him. Up until this point I still wasn’t sure if I was going to be murdered? Or if they were having me wait in that dark room before the sold me off as a Virgin sacrifice. (I was really into romance novels at that time).   Uncle Bill handed us both a laminated pass and said, “Whatever you do, DON’T LOSE THESE! Don’t wear them where people can see them. These can get you anywhere you want to go.” He looked at me and smirked. I’m sure he could smell my vulnerability.
“Have you seen it yet?” he asked
As I barely squeaked out an answer, “Seen what?” my friend responded for me, “we have just been in here waiting for you.”
He smiles at her, takes a step back and says, “Well go look.”
My friend walks out of the room and off my new favorite floor covering and starts to head around the black wall that made up the left hand side of our hall way. I didn’t want her going anywhere without me and I was just as curious as to what she was looking at, so; of course I willing followed.

What I saw when I finally came around the wall of black was something I have never in all my life thought I would ever see and I doubt I will ever see anything like it again. It was a sea of Tye-dye swaying from left to right in a very non jarring motion. It was a haze cloud of (what I now know is Pot) strange smelling smoke surrounding everyone like it was part of some unified aura that everyone shared. It was the Oakland auditorium in all of its glory.  The space was enourmous.  Rows upon rows of people wearing wonderful bright colors lined every inch.  I saw bodies moving from a few feet away to what seemed like miles up into the sky.  Out of the Darkness of the nose bleed sections I saw the flames from lighters being used to smoke more pot.   My little 13-year-old innocent body stood, small and awestruck on the stage, set to house the Grateful Dead.   The black wall that we had walked along to get on to the stage turned out to be their speakers, so tall and fat that they formed what was the backdrop of their stage. More plush Oriental rugs covered the entire stage. Layering on top of each other in some places so that each performer had ample cushion for their aging feet. I could see microphone that Jerry Garcia would be using and was mer inches from one of the drum sets. The entire place was full. I saw no empty seat anywhere and no one seemed to mind that the band was late starting their first set.
Suddenly people started showing up all over the stage and Uncle Bill told us it was time to go.  “Go  find yourselves a seat and enjoy the show!”


Grateful dead show continued part 2

When we got to the subway station we were so intimidated. The hustle and bustle of it all felt as though we would be eaten up. We found the map and figured out what tram to get on. When we finally got on, we sat in quiet nervousness and excitement, going in and out of awareness of our surroundings. We slowly realized we had missed our stop and had gone way to far. We got off at the next stop and figured we needed to back track a bit but our tram wouldn’t be there for a few more minutes.
We sat ourselves down On a bench in the center if the platform and discussed what the concert would be like. We were both a bit scared and really excited.
It didn’t take long for the gang of African American thuds all in blue to come up and make a half circle inches from our backs. My friend and I tensed as we felt our immediate danger rise. I whispered to her “don’t move”. I dont think either of us were breathing we were so scared. It was right at that monument that the subway train pulled up and all we could see inside the windows was a sea of tie-dye. As soon as the doors open we shot up like firecrackers and ran into the train. As the doors closed I turned to see all the guys still standing there just staring at us. Who knows what their intentions were with us, but the way the hair on my arms were raised I don’t think it would have been good.
We eventually came a to a stop where all the tie-dyed people got off, so we did too. We followed them threw a huge parking lot where every 100 feet or so someone would approach us for a purchase. ” hey you want to buy some tickets? Want a joint?” The best one was the girl with the tray that hung from her neck. Like the one Betty boop would wear. But instead if selling cigarettes and gum she was selling drugs. ” pot, shrooms, LSD, coke, pot shrooms, LSD, coke” she would rattle off her selection like they were types of gum. I was so shocked at this point by the night events I couldn’t even digest what she was selling. I had seen and smelt pot but never been offered it. I certainly had never been this close to that many drugs. I was really scared and kind of exhilarated too. What would come next?

Grateful Dead

When I was about 13 my best friend invited me to go see the Grateful dead with her and her mom. Her uncle was the roadie for the drummer Bill Kreutzmann, so; they got free tickets whenever the band was in town. Of course jumped at the chance to see this legendary band.
We made the plan to go to San Francisco and meet up with moms (I call her mom) boyfriend. Then we would all drive to the Oakland coliseum. So, we drove to her boyfriends house in pacific heights. Where here mom decided she wanted to get a quickie and two 13 year old girls were cramping her style. Her boyfriend gave my friend directions on how we could get to the concert. Which included a walk, a bus, a subway and another walk. Her mom handed us some money and then sent us on our way.
We walked down the steep hills to the bus stop and jumped on the bus we needed to get to the subway station. We were sitting in the half filled bus for awhile, excited about our night. We made a stop in china town and about 400 Chinese people got on the bus. There was suddenly people standing almost on top of each other. Several of the people who got on the bus were older woman. My friend and I gave up our seats to let them sit. Once we were standing we had to laugh because at our 5’3″ frames we towered over all the other people standing up. Suddenly a man standing towards the of the bus says really loudly, “NO! I’m not going to give you my wallet!” We all looked over at him and a skinny white man standing very close to him started to move away.
We were so scared. I suddenly felt so vulnerable. Luckily the skinny guy got off at the next stop after feeling the eyes of everyone on the bus glaring at him. I was sure when he was the one who suddenly felt unsafe. It was at this point when I realized that making a scene can really help you when your in danger. At this point my friend and I still have an hour to travel and I wasn’t sure we were going to make it.

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