Friend Zone

“You friend zoned me”
I’m sorry I swear I like  you too
“Then give me a kiss please”
If I do what will become of you?

“I will kiss you again and again”
I wish I could believe that were true
“Why are you scared to let this begin”?
It could be amazing but I’m not new

“What do you mean sexy ?”
You’ve told me for years about your conguests
“Those relationships were all messy”
You ran away from all their interests

“They weren’t right for me like you”
You thought they were all perfect
“What are you trying to ensue”
In this room, we are the  elephant

“Don’t you want to be with me”
I love our time together you bring me joy
“Then stop being such a damn tease”
I’m not trying to be I’m sorry your annoyed

“Jump off the cliff with me honey”
Will you still be there when we hit bottom?
“We can only wish for the best and see”
Will you still be my friend in the autumn?

“Is that what this is about, our friendship”?
If we end, will you still give me hugs with pats?
“Nothing could ever come between our relationship”?
Kiss me, and we will just have to see about that


Skin on Skin

Skin on skin is what I’m missing
That soft velvet touch against mine
I don’t even need any hardcore kissing
some simple touching would be sublime

I yearn for the feeing of another body
Twisting around me like a long braid
Bare skin attached to every part of me
A touch of intimacy it feels like it’s been decades

The heat of another as we lay at rest
Feeling so at ease in his naked slumber
As long as I feel his chest against my breast
I could saw so many logs you’d call it lumber

A goodnights sleep curled up with me in warmth
Only our body heat keeping us at rest
Breaths exchanged back and forth
With no thoughts of ever getting dressed

With only this naked being protected me
His hearts beat lulling me to sleep
Someday it will happen but now it’s a dream
Of skin on skin and sleeping deep

You Miss Me

It’s been so long since I last heard your voice
I wish before you said goodbye I had a choice

I can hardly remember the slopes on your lips
Gone are the tantric positions and pivoting hips

Giggling mercifully while being stuck together
I Foolishly thought you would be here forever

I miss your super-sized long lasting hugs
They always made me feel “snug as a bug”

Your hot breath blowing against forhead
While being curled up on your big comfy bed

I miss our long discussions about nothing,  really
It’s like being in a Seinfeld episode but it’s reality

Since you moved I’ve missed you so much
It actually hurts for me to keep in touch

It always hurts when I think of you
I do my best to think of something new

I wear my pain of your leaving on my sleeve
From the what I’ve heard you’ve been missing me

I’m All Yours

I’m all yours what do you want to do
I took the day off to spend the time with you

Can we cuddle for a bit today
Can we just lay around and play

Can you hold my hand when we walk
I promise to pay attention when you talk

We could discuss world events
While kissing and trading mints

We could go for a walk to the park or store
Or we could get comfy and just stay indoors

I’m yours for the rest of the day
I’ll spend it how ever you say 

I want to share all my spare time with you
Play poker for hours or just a game of clue

I like the idea of you and me by the fire
Some wine and very little attire

We could simply talk for hours about anything
Or pretend we did and talk about nothing

Our options are limitless as to what we could do
I don’t care what it is as long as I’m with you

Space For You

I will make space for you
Empty some drawers
Need hangers? I have a few
Your always welcome through my door

I will save the time for you dear
Make room in my schedule
I seem to always want you near
I think what we have is special

I have some space in my heart
For you there seems to be ample
You open me up instead of tear me apart
If you don’t believe me i’ll give you a sample

I will stay excited to be with you sexy
I’m still short of breath when first I see you
I always smile when I glimpse your face and body
You put me in such a flutter I don’t know what to do

I will make it all work out for us
Do what I can to make you happy
I wouldn’t dare make a fuss
Or bother getting all sappy

It will be a quite pursuit for your care
I will hold on to your hand when you want
I’m just so thankful that your there
It’s your net that has me caught

I Plan

Are you as special as I hope you are
Are all the sweet acts just a show
It’s not about what you make or your car
I’ve dreamt of you God only knows

I’ve needed a man like you in my sphere
Someone who thinks i’m as hot as I see him
A man who will rock my world and then hold me dear
A man that will make all other men dim

Keep talking to me the way you do baby
Until, I can’t see straight
Keep touching me this way for all eternity
You have me in a constant state

I always want you near me
Touching me if you can
I plan to be all you can see
I plan to be holding your hand

My hands, my breasts, my lips are all yours
My mind, my spirit, my hopes are wrapped in us
Keep it up baby and you’ll have me on the floor
I want us to take our time and yet I feel a rush

I look forward to what’s to come
I am blissful in the hopes and what if’s
Please don’t get up and run
I think what we have could be bliss

I plan to keep you around sexy man
I plan on keeping you encapsulated by me
I plan to give you everything I am
Your everything I ever wanted my soul mate to be

It’s Hot Tub Time

It’s hot tub time baby
I’ll go get the towels
There’s to be no “maybes”
No, “not right nows”

We need to unwind
Do some percolating
You uncork the wine
Forget what’s irritating

Turn off all the lights
Pop open the hottub lid
Is everyone out of sight?
We’re gonna get naked

Bring out the moon
Make the stars shine
The heat in the tub makes you swoon
Yet, It feels just sublime

Put the jets on our backs
Let them massage the spine
“Ohhh” I’m starting to relax
It’s a perfect way to pass the time

Add in the bubbles, please
Oh how they tickle our rear
They put the soul at ease
While letting the mind clear

I’m starting to get turned on
It happens every time
Let’s hot tub until the dawn
This evenings just devine

I love to feel your wet skin
We slide together with ease
Kissing you should be a sin
The water helps you tease 

Loving our Weightless bodies
Which always allows for more fun
Bubbles make bouncing  boobies
And that’s always pretty awesome

Lovin in the hot tub
Is one of my favorite things to do
Both a bath and a back rub
And It’s always better with you

Bedroom Door

The time was approaching quickly
Just like it did all the weeks before
She could feel her knees getting weak
Her eyes fixed upon her bedroom door

She was showered and shaved already
Her hair only took forty minutes to curl
Her make up was done but not to heavy
She wore only a g-string made of pearls

Candles lit the early morning darkness
Adding to the ambiance and smell
She didn’t mind all the preparedness
Her efforts will all be rewarded well

She is waiting for her early Sunday lover
A fun and adventerous soul she loves to see
He comes to her but is never one to hover
He always has some where else he needs to be

He is just the way she likes them
He fulfills all of her inner desires
His natural good looks are a sin
Touching his body sets hers on fire

His quick visits suit her just fine
She doesn’t need a man around
But His love making is sublime
Like no one else she’s ever found

He knows just the way to touch her
She knows how to bring him to his knees
He makes her scream and cry for more
Her efforts have made him beg and plead

Completely content with their time together
She has never harassed him for anything more
They know that they’re like a bird to its feathers
Who knows when they’ll last walk out the bedroom door

Nothing’s Going To Bother Me Today

Nothings going to bother me today
He came over and gave me a little play
It was the perfect way to start my day
Orgasms for breakfast is the only way

I wonder how long this good mood with stay
All I can see are puffy clouds and sun rays
I want to yell out to anyone, “what a great lay!”
Nothing’s going to bothering me today!

A chest For Sleeping

You’re were so sweet today you knew I didn’t feel well
You came to see me anyway And fluffed up my pillow

You looked so handsome sporting your baseball cap
You didn’t say a word when I fell asleep in your lap

Laying my heavy head on you mammoth chest
You softly petted my hair and soon I was at rest

Knowing I felt horrible and not looking to impress
You still came to bring me some good cheer and happiness

Wrapped comfortably in your long arms
I heard no sounds of tv’s or car alarms

Just listening to the sound of your steady heart beat
Swept my soul away and my body right to sleep

You were so wonderful to lay there for hours holding me
Knowing full well that rest was all I would need

Thank you special man for your accurate perception
I so cherish your thoughtfulness And sincere affection

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