Back In My Body Again

It’s ten thirty or half past ten
Whichever way you look at doesn’t matter to me
I’m here stuck on my ass again
With nothing to do but lay here and watch T.V

The birds were chirping outside all day
The sun was shinning too
While I laid broken listening to children play
Which only made me feel blue

Again I decided to jump outside of my body
Living a blissful life of a carefree soul
Some people would call it being naughty
Having fun and playing hard is how I role

Things always start to catch up to me
Reminding me that I am not super woman
Doesn’t matter if it’s a concussion or a busted knee
I am struck with the realization that I am only human

Whatever it is that happens
It usually stops me in my tracks
I halt my gums from flappen
Start taking stock in what life lacks

My bodies usually broken down long enough
It’s usually the right amount of time in the end
Even though the slowing of life may be tuff
It allows my soul to jump back in into my body again


Country Song

My man left me for a coffee and never came back
He said all he needed was some caffeine
He left about a year ago and didn’t even pack
It was our last sunrise in the final scene

He loaded the rifle and said no goodbyes to me
He then drove away in my new truck
He said he was gonna fire off some amo you see
I didn’t realize I was the sitting duck

My man said I was just too much to handle
Especially after they said ” “last call”
His love was just like a wick-less candle
Pretty to look at but not useful at all

My man wasn’t man enough to fill his boots
Even though He thought he was better than me
He made love as good as he shoots
He missed his target then shouted obscenities

I used to hate my man for leaving me alone
Then I saw the error of my ways
I know longer worry about if he roams
Because my aim is better than his any day

Your Path

I’m taking this journey alone
Because it is mine and mine alone to take
It is a personal persuit for each has their own
Yours is not the choice I might make

I’m following my own voice to my needs
It may effect you but it’s not about you
You can keep on with your begging and pleads
I will still forge ahead and do what I want to do

Maybe the best thing for you is focus
On you, instead someone else or me
Clarity in the end may be your bonus
As your intentions towards self, help you see

As much as I’d love to have you join in
Stand beside me onthis weary path I’ve chosen
There can only be one on a path of self wisdom
For my search of knowledge; to you, may already be known

Beating Him To The Punch

I didn’t want to go around and around again with you
It’s a certain weird kind of drama I think you get off on
It doesn’t matter what I say or if my feelings are pure
You have the same conversation multiple times until I’m wrong

In your eyes

You pushed a nerve in me as You knew you would
Standing me up yet again for that particulal woman
It’s never about would or could with you, but if you should
Not dying alone is worse then experiencing your freedom

In closed eyes 

As soon as you said you weren’t coming I knew
You probably reached for her right away
You get scared, you run to an ex, it’s what you do
But, her agenda will make yours sway

In my eyes

I am just beating you to the punch by being gone
It was only a matter of time before she squashed us
I just don’t need the drama that you got going on
I’m hope you can figure out how to be alone and to trust

In anyone’s eyes

Christmas In September

The tree is decorated with red bulbs
The presents have all been wrapped
All he wanted were some new golf clubs
She, the black Louis Vuitton’s with the strap

Garland adorns all the Windows and shelves
The smell of cinnamon sticks invades your nose
As your feet get trampled by dogs dressed as elves
The sound of off-pitch Carolers grows

It’s that time of year again where families come together
Suicide rates rise and depression is at an all time high
It the season of being in your car for what feels like forever
Damn the storm the family will be mad if you don’t make the drive

Tis the season to be surrounded by sweets
As if your temptations are not already spread thin
Spending hours at the mall On your feet
Trying not to buy more for you then you do for them

It’s the season for giving again
Your credit card just recovered from last year
Will this show of gluttony ever end
Have we all forgotten what we should hold dear?

Of course this season used to start in December
With the stores sporting all its Christmas goods
Now the hysteria is starting in September
So we can all spend more money then we should

I Didn’t Vote…

I voted this last election in November
I voted for the lesser of two evils
Voting meant more then I can ever remember
It was Volatile our country is still in upheaval

I didn’t vote for the person I liked
Because I didn’t like either candidate
I voted for one at the others despite
Refusing to support someone who initiates hate

I didn’t vote for a leader with honorable traits
There was no such leader for which to choose
I already thought this country was great
Now I fear all that greatness we will lose

I didn’t vote for the man I thought was a racist
I don’t want to surround my country with a wall at all
He reminds me a lot of a Hitler in some facets
Will we gather up the Mexicans to stand against the wall

I didn’t vote for the person I think is a sexist demigod
Will your daughters end up with any rights
They waned to impeach Mr Clinton for getting a blow Job
Yet this guy thinks woman are meant to please a man’s sexual appetite

I didn’t vote for the kind of change I fear is coming
A step backwards in all things morally correct
I fear that this mans values are what Americas becoming
So very much worse then a political forum that’s corrupt

Second To Nothing

I am about to mix things up around here
I am sick of coming in second place
There’s a shift in my life which is clear
I’m sweeping the decks and making space

There will be no more excuses about forgotten dates
That only tells me I wasn’t important enough to remember
There will be no more “sorry but I was consoling another mate”
Like this is a dating game and I’m was the runner up contender

There will be no more “sorry we went with someone else for the position”
No more staring up at the men’s shoes through the cold glass ceiling
Being Second person for the job has been beating me into submission
I am done with the hypocrisy this is business there’s no hard feelings

This is the end of the line to my quiet acceptance
I will no longer be letting hurtful things go unheard
I’m tired of my life being second to my ambivalence
I will not tollerant what I find dismissive without saying a word

I will not resign myself to being second to nothing
I will not stand in fear of what’s to come
I’m spreading my wings and flying off to find something
Up is where I’m going and second is where I’m coming from

When I’m Down

I think I am a very lucky soul
Though I am no stranger to love and pain
All of which has taken its toll
But I still look for rainbows after the rain

I have surplus of love that surrounds me
A modest but happy and healthy life
My only wish is to always remain happy
I do what I can to avoid having strife

But times are not always easy
Life can sometimes cast a large shadow
Making us scared or making us queasy
The more we endure the more we grow

I may not feel so lucky without my friends
Without them caring for me when I’m down
I never worry about if our relationship will end
When another man leaves, they are around

These are the woman that check on me when I’m hurt
They hold my hair back when I am sick
They come over with food, wine and dessert
The bring me laughter when life seems horrific

Without my friends I think I’d be a mess
Without their smiling faces to cheer me up
My friends remind me that love is limitless
Instead of half empty, I see my life as a full cup

The Line

I don’t expect anyone to listen to me
To men I’m just an attractive woman
Not everyone can take me seriously
I’m on the other side of the line from them

I pride myself on having a very quick brain
A firm line on what I think is right or fair
My stubbornness to walk my line drives some insane
Take me or leave me, I don’t really care

I won’t judge you, your choices or your line
To me it’s more about who you are now
But don’t you dare underestimate mine
Don’t assume you can cross my line somehow

We all have to do, what we have to
Sometimes we just don’t have a choice
Do we stay in line and do what we’re supposed to do
Or do we listen to the our little devilish voice

I’m not weak enough to become your prey
I have seen your type of person before
You need to walk the line or go away
You won’t be dragging me to the floor

Don’t ever try to put me in line
I don’t fallow the same path you do
We can walk together, that’s fine
But I refuse to change who I am for you

Friend Zone

“You friend zoned me”
I’m sorry I swear I like  you too
“Then give me a kiss please”
If I do what will become of you?

“I will kiss you again and again”
I wish I could believe that were true
“Why are you scared to let this begin”?
It could be amazing but I’m not new

“What do you mean sexy ?”
You’ve told me for years about your conguests
“Those relationships were all messy”
You ran away from all their interests

“They weren’t right for me like you”
You thought they were all perfect
“What are you trying to ensue”
In this room, we are the  elephant

“Don’t you want to be with me”
I love our time together you bring me joy
“Then stop being such a damn tease”
I’m not trying to be I’m sorry your annoyed

“Jump off the cliff with me honey”
Will you still be there when we hit bottom?
“We can only wish for the best and see”
Will you still be my friend in the autumn?

“Is that what this is about, our friendship”?
If we end, will you still give me hugs with pats?
“Nothing could ever come between our relationship”?
Kiss me, and we will just have to see about that

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