Natures Melody

Sing another song sweet bird
Let your harmony fill the world
Make your song all that is heard
A buffet of notes tangled and swirled

Chirp for all the joy you can see
For you it is just a beautiful day
Sitting up high in your big tree
Calling out for others to come play

Rejoice until the sun goes down
The sky is yours to fill with your melody
There’s nothing to do but fly around
Let the wind be your sweet harmony

To not hear you would be an awful fright
You are meant to share your song in abunance
It’s all part of natures delight
And I am your ever present audience


It Is A New Day

It’s the start of something new
A fresh day with no mistakes
It’s time to change the things I do
I’m gonna give it whatever it takes

Like a New Years resolution
I’m stepping up to some change
It’s the natural evolution
A new way of being will be arraigned

I’m going to spread my wings and fly again
But this time I’m flying alone
No longer going to be waiting for something to begin
I’m going to start this adventure on my own

The strength can be found inside of me
The power I need to forage on
I will glide in the weathers natural wind speed
Until all my energy is gone

I will soar to the highest tips of all the tallest peaks
I will brake and dive toward the beautiful valleys
I will see only that which true visionaries seek
No longer be stuck by the fears that bind me

It’s a new day today one untouched by all
A promise I intend to keep for myself
I will straddle my fears again when they come to call
I will love my life for me and no one else

It’s a rebirth of sorts if you will
It’s a hunger growing with in me
I’m not scared of what’s unclear
Because soon I know I’ll see

It’s a new day for me and for anyone else who dares
The eclipse that has been forming around my soul
Will be ripped away by my journey through the air
This is my new mantra, this is my new goal

It is a new day


I don’t want this to make me smaller
And small is how I feel
I can’t see me any longer
Your asking me to be some one who’s not real

I am jumping through all your hoops
I am singing praises of useless things
How low will your demands stoop
Before this caged bird will spread her wings

I’ve bent and changed just to suit you
I have stopped doing what makes me unique
I have stifled what I really want to do
Even softening the way I speak

My journey with you is ending
As my love towards you diminishes
It is now time for a new beginning
Before my pride is tainted with blemishes

I see the importance of silence
I know now to think before I speak
Time to use some common sense
I’m done telling you what I think

It’s one thing to adapt to a space
And another to be who your not
My hopes were to high in this case
It’s not the Utopia I once sought

I don’t want to make myself smaller
Not even if it pleases you
I’m no longer one of your followers
I’m going to try something new

The Caging Of The Bird

This birds been caged since the fall
She had no idea that she was
Ever since he came to call
She had no idea he was the cause

The bird shined bright at that time
Her feathers a brilliant yellow hue
She thought if she stayed she’d be fine
Not knowing the things he’d do

He told her would always be there for her
He told her he would take care
He told her he only saw her in his future
There would be no love that could compare

He begged her to just be his
“don’t fly away from me”
He told her, “all you need is my kiss”
“Our love will set you free”

She thought she found her mate
She thought she’d found her home
The bird was in a euphoric state
No need for her heart to roam

He wanted her for himself
He made her a gelded cage
He begged her to love no one else
It would only put him in a rage

She willingly agreed to his pleads
She needed no one else but him
He met all of her needs
Her love for him had no end

He showed her the cage he had for her
She quickly flew in on her own
She never imagined what was about to occur
That he would lock her in her new home

He trapped her in that gelded cage
For then she could never leave
It was a bet he was willingly to wage
But he still hoped that she was happy

She could no longer spread her wings
She could no longer play with her friends
As you know, A caged bird never sings
She felt her freedom come to an end

The bird was still content to be with him
Even though he was gone for quite some time
She waited in the cage for their life to begin
If he was true to his word they’d be fine

He would come to visit her
Holding her in his arms
Stroking her thinning feathers
Telling her he’d keep her from harm

The bird sat alone for way too long
Hoping he would let her out
All at once everything seemed to go wrong
He would suddenly start to shout

He imagined her with other birds
He just knew she would and when
He didn’t seem to hear her words
When she swore all she needed was him

The bird thought she was content to stay
Her heart belonged to only him
But, His jealousy got in their way
He would never leave the cage door open

Her beautiful shine was almost gone
Her feathers all laid on the cage floor
What she thought she wanted now seemed wrong
As her freedom stayed just outside the locked door

By the end of winter she was worn and weak
Her wings hadn’t been used in many moons
Depressed the bird could barely open her beak
Seeing her sadness he didn’t know what to do

Finally realizing he could never control her
He unlocked the cage hoping she would stay with him
As much as she wanted to share their love forever
To her there was nothing more important than freedom!

Long Flight

If the bird could only see through the trees
She would know if her flight was long
As it is she is blinded

If this bird could only let herself believe
That nothing in her path was wrong
Her hopes are to be reunited

She wants to fly fast around the branches
She wants to stay true to her course
She wants to believe in the magic

She needs to know what are her chances
She needs to know if it can get worse
She needs it to not to end tragic

This bird is waited down from the rain
Holding herself close in a little cave
She doubts her path once again

She longs for the sun to keep her sane
It’s just her heart she is trying to save
She hopes this time she wins

Need to Fly

This birds going to fly
Swooning a bit from her loss

She will dip down briefly
The bottom of her ugly claws scraping along the oceans surface

Causing just the smallest little wake among the vastness
Small as a butterfly’s wings and just as significant

Her long wingspan will cast a shadow along the reflective surface
Mirroring her beauty up at her as she glides

Her intention is not to disturb or even have an effect
She simply wants to rest her aching body

Let her warn feathers sit in splendor for a spell.
Let her clean herself in fresh waters and see beauty in her time.

Let this bird have her moment
Let her be joyful for a memory she can always have

She will fly back when the time is right
She will fly back

Flamingo Dance

You’re a certain kind of Asshole
One that has no idea what he wants
You travel to the only beat you know
Your ideas are all you have to flaunt

Your pretty feathers are just a rouge
Underneath you are prickly and tough
How can you sleep knowing what you do?
When will the pain you cause be enough?

You preach about how good you are
You boast about the love you feel
As you flirt with others from a far
While demanding that your love is real

You remind me of a flamingo
Confidently dancing around
Everything you do is just for show
Please put your head in the ground

You find joy in teasing those around you
You think it’s fun to play with people’s feelings
You never consider the pain you put them through
Or try to help them with some healing

You skirt around the hard questions
Knowing full well what is being asked of you
You stay “reserved” from beginning to end
All the while looking for something new

You remind me of a flamingo
Confidently dancing around
Everything you do is just for show
Please put your head in the ground

You have stayed too long in this place
Your song has been played too many times
Your heart is missing, nothing is left in its place
And all the lies you tell have combined

Take your one-legged form away from here
As pretty as you may seem
Your ugliness is not appreciated dear
For your abuse, there is just no need

You remind me of a flamingo
Confidently dancing around
Everything you do is just for show
Please put your head in the ground
Please just put your head in the ground and stay there

Releasing the Bird

He’ll never say the things I so wish him to say
He’ll never tell, if my leaving caused him pain

But, he left me.  That, I can’t forget
Left the cage door open, no longer his pet

“Spread your wings and fly my love. Be well”
That’s the end, there’s nothing else to tell

His void is felt deep within
I miss his smell on my skin

No way of knowing if he misses me
All I know, is he set me free

And as far as I fly and as I high as I go
my heart will surely miss him so

He opened my eyes to something new
to something in me I never knew

He started the fire, he blew on my flame
He called me his baby each time that I came

He showed me a life that I know I deserve
But his was on loan, all rights “reserved”

I know what I want now, I know what I need
I will no longer beg for it, no longer plead

This birds been released and it’s bound to explore
Never to settle for the life lived before

But know this my love, in my heart you will stay
And I will think of you less with each passing day

I will miss you  immensely  this I already do
But, it was time to let me go, you already knew.

I love you sweet man and I hope you love me
I’ll be back some day and I hope you’ll be ready.

Letting go of frozen

I’m frozen here in this scary place
I feel my heart as it begins to race

My feet are encased in blocks of ice
They keep me planted to an array of ties

What do you want me to say
your pain is more than I can take

I try to fly, I try to soar
I thought you saw me fly out the door

But the cold comes on and freezes my wings
It stabs my chest so I can no longer sing

I am trying to help, I am trying to show
I was honest with you, You must know

If I say the words, will you hear them
If I scream them at you, will you defend

I love you, I do, I am sorry you’re in pain
I would take it all back, if I saw any change

I would melt the ice I freeze in
I would run to be in your arms again

But the girl you knew, the bird you adored
She doesn’t live in this body any more

She disappeared so long ago
She tried to let you know

We were blind, stupid even and now I see no hope
We could have tried to fix it, but we let go of the rope

The tie that bound us, tethering us together
It split to shreds like one of my feathers

I was so sad before, so empty
now I don’t know whats in store for me

I am more scared now than I have ever been
I could stay frozen with you and let this all end

But, my heart would not be there
It would not be fair

I love you, you are wonderful
But, I’m not in love with you any more

I tried to give my heart back to you, for so long it wasn’t even mine
Now that I have it back to me I want to keep it in a shrine

I don’t want to share it, I don’t want to be frozen
I need to let go of the life I have chosen

I’m sorry beautiful man, you don’t deserve this
I wish that when I go you find your bless

I can’t say this enough, I can’t get any clearer
I love you but my heart flew into the future

The Weakned Bird

The winds are fierce, the coast is not clear
Theres a pain that pierces, it’s not all from fear

This bird is damaged, it’s broken inside
The pain can’t be managed, driving the bird blind

It circles the valley floor, trying desperately to fly
To weak to climb anymore, should it simply die

the birds will has been deflated, its heart to hurt to hear
It used to fly elated, with all it’s dreams so clear

Feathers damp with mist from the rivers wake
The bird sits alone wondering if it’s worth the wait

It’s cries are so weak they are lost to the river
it’s future seems bleak as the bird starts to shiver

“Take all you need from me” she thinks to herself
“All I am is what you see” there’s nothing else to tell

She will try again, this weakened bird
She will try to defend, until she is heard

This birds not done, she’s got some fight left in her
She may appear gone, but she’ll be back some day for sure

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