In Complete Ease

I so wanted to come and see you tonight
I wanted to relish in your presense as you dance before me
Smoothly gliding towards me like you do
Reaching out for me
Lightly touching me
I’m at ease at just the thought of you

In Complete Ease

I forget just how beautiful you are
Until I see you again
I catch my breath when I first come upon you
You who have always held a special place in my heart
Just being near you softens me
Your glow engulfs me as it is infectious
Just seeing you puts me at ease

In Complete Ease

When we first connect
My joy becomes immense
I adore you so
I think of you constantly while we’re apart
I love to hear your sounds
They relaxe me
I want you to lul me to sleep everynight
Your tones puts me at ease

In Complete Ease

I long for you
I long to feel you as much as I do to see you
I doesn’t matter to me if you’re angry or you’re calm
I don’t care, I still want you near me
Cradleing me in your ease

In complete ease

Just like you did
For this is all I need to be happy
You are all I need to keep trying
With you I can write without concern
Sing without fear of scrutiny
Lie naked without judgement
I can tell you everything

In complete Ease

With you I can be whatever I want to be
Knowing you will always be there for me
You will always come to me at some point
You will always bring me bliss
For everything about you is completely at ease

With you I am In Complete Ease


First Loves Memories

When I saw you today my first love
I felt a certain calmness wrap around me
I saw your beauty from earth to the sky above
Your presence brought back all my fantasies

I was taken then to a far off place
A home that holds my hopes and dreams
I let go of the fear and stress of the rat race
As my joys unfolded in streams

I was suddenly wrapped up in you
You penetrating me from every angle
I would have done anything you asked me to
As long as my body and your desire stayed tangled

Your wet kisses showering me down
My body glistening from your touch
Communicating without speaking out loud
Any more sweetness would have been too much

At last I let go of all that tormented me
Letting your desire for me take control
I relinquished Into your sweet mystery
I felt your energy deep with in my soul

leaving you was very hard thing to do
The time came way to soon
All I wanted to do was keep touching you
Stay until I saw tonights moon

You will always be my first love
You will always hold the key to my heart
I may fly off like a beautiful dove
But time will never keep us far apart

You changed

You change every time I see you
It’s like looking into the sky each time and never knowing what to expect
Your curves are never quite the same the earth around you seems to move.
I watch you speed over the silent ground and it makes me want to touch you
Seeing you again my first love, takes me back to my younger self

Not fearing your wrath at all
I flew to you like I had never seen you before
I was to young to know of your dangers
We played for hours you and I
You twisted my hair and my heart with your fierce power
You flirted with my senses knowing you could easily tare me apart.

I long for you to play with me once more
I want to melt into the eternal bliss that I have when I am with you
I would stay with you forever if I could
Lounging about in the sun with only your touch and the salty fog to comfort me

You change each time I see you, first love
Yet so much of you stays the same
You have always been to strong for me
You have always been beautiful
You have always been there

I hope to always be near you like a baby to it’s mothers breast
My heart beats to your rhythm
My feet always take me your direction
My soul will always be yours to devour
As I will always go the distance to see you again

I love you


A lovely Evening


I went to see my first love with my love tonight. I wanted to see the sunset. While we were there we had a very sweet short conversation. It went like this.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked me with a sheepish grin.
“I don’t know? Where ever you want to go” I replied.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked him in return.
To which he looked at me and with the sweetest eyes answered, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to wait for you”.

And that is exactly what he did. He waited with me and watched the sun go down. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen too.


Needing my First love

Please, take me to that place my love
the one I have been dreaming of for so long
I rush your way, you’re the wind and I am the dove
I have never felt being with you was wrong

The weather never seems to effect me seeing you
I would be by you no matter what
If it’s pouring and flooding is certain too
If the sun is so high the sand is blistering hot

I would take every step to be by your side
I would rush the traffic along
Not wanting to waste a minute of time
I hear you in my head like a song

When I see you at last my first love
I feel a rush come over me
I feel the heavens open above
I am mystified at all I see

You are always there for me
Making your presence known
You have always been all I need
You rock me to my bones

We can be together for hours
Without ever having to say a word
It’s like stopping to smell the flowers
And ignoring the speed of the world

I love my time with you
I love the adventures we’ve had
Without you I wouldn’t know what to do
When I’m away from you, I’m like a mermaid on dry land

Letter to my first love

I haven’t been out to see you my first love in quite sometime
I have thought much of you and wondered if you have thought of me?
I miss watching the golden rays of the sun kiss you ever so delicately. As it dips into your liquid silvers and blues.   
I miss the sight of your consumption of the sun
I miss the strange glow that emerges through you all the way to me
Would you be as mysterious if I was part of you
Would you be just as dark?
I relish in your Beauty my love
I want only to sit next to you as you shine
As always I would love to submerge myself into the best of you
Letting my own strength guide you for a change
I do think of you love.
I think of you with every passing day

Missing First Love

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you my love

Shrouded in darkness, I have been scared to travel your way

Clouds loom over both of us

as Rain steals away our time and our hearts

I miss you so, my love

I crave your touch as I dream of being with you again

Your powerful presence embraces my soul

spins me in circles like a riptide

I long  to just be near you once more

To feel you next to me

showering me with a fine mist of love

I can feel your anger at my absence

Feeling the need to rush to you

the urgency to be with you is like the wind that blows the hair off my shoulders

Almost knocking me over as it sends chills down my spine

I will be with you again First love. 

Soon, really soon.

First loves Passion

You were larger than life today, my first love.
You roared towards me
like a stampede of horses.
The earth shook from the force of you.
It made me shudder with anticipation.
I closed my eyes and waited for your power to engulf me.
Drenching me with your forceful touch,
mesmerizing me with your strength.
Wind whips my hair off my shoulder
as you near me.
I can barely stand as you take me to you.
slamming me against the stone wall behind me
Pain from its jagged side stabs my back
but I don’t care.
you devour every inch of my skin with ease and delight.
sucking the sweetness from my pores.
Unable to move under your control,
I relinquish.

By LoLa

First Loves Tease

I came to you my first love.
I came with hopes of teasing you,
back into my arms. 
Angered by our last encounter.
I have wanted to torture you with my pain.
Make you see your stupid mistake,
of leaving me.
Prepared, I came near you.
ignoring you at first,
trying to tempt you with my presence.
Appearing to enjoy my solitude,
freedom seeping from my pores
as my jubilant soul invaded you
surrendering all shames and judgements.
I danced alone in front of you.
My hair spinning about my face,
curls flipping carelessly into my eyes.
Hips swaying to the beat in my mind
all in order to tempt and engulf you, my love.
I could tell it was working.
Your attention drifted from all else
as you settled your sights on me.
You seemed more energized suddenly,
desperate even, a bit tourmented by me.
I can feel your need for me.
Your want to devour me once more.
throwing yourself towards me,
you touch me
and I’m whole again.

By LoLa

First Loves Pain

Excited to see you  my love,
I silently urged all the cars to move quickly,
have all the lights be green and all the police busy.
But when I reached your side something was different.
You were cold and distant.
Withdrawn, almost battered.
You did not bound to my side this time.
You were coy, acting as if I wasn’t there.
You felt the need to taunt me,
coming close to me and then leaving again,
never once touching me.
At first I enjoyed your teasing
I felt like a child on the playground,
happy to frolic with you.
But, like a child I grew impatient with your game.
Tormented by your lack of comfort.
Angry with myself for letting you have this control over me.
So much time has passed, and yet you play with my soul,
simply  because you can.
You had taken me into your maddening embrace,
and now you’ve  spit me out again,
as if I’m something to be disgusted by.
My heart breaks as you drift away from me
Never looking back to see if I am watching, you leave.
With your thoughtless departure the darkness soon came,
bearing down on me.
I was flushed with my anger by your treatment.
Blinded by the pain I now feel in my heart.
How could you treat me this way?
Why did you leave me?
I waited for an answer and nothing came.
Alone, I walked away in the darkness.

By LoLa

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