River or Shadow

i swear I think I gave my dog River the wrong name. I should have named him “shadow” because that is all he does. He doesn’t play catch, He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t chase other dogs, he doesn’t even do tricks on command.

River does whatever I do. River goes wherever I go. He hates the ocean, I think it scares him. (Funny enough he loves the river. ) But one time I got to close to the water and the wave came all the way up to my butt. River got wet with me. Even though he could have easily gotten away from the wave.
River will whimper whenever I leave a room without him and he cannot come with me. I am told when I leave him behind he paces the floors and stares into corners. He whines and seems distraught until I return.
Coming home to him is an amazing delight. It’s a tip-tapping-stampedes of his paws on the wood floors begging for my attention. He cries out in joy almost and tries to jump onto me. I love the devotion river has for me. I just wish I could use the bathroom in peace sometimes.



Psychotic Dog River

I have a dog named River and I think he is psychotic.  Don’t get me wrong he has the sweetest disposition.  And even though he is a fairly large dog he is scared of pretty much everything!  Now you might think that this is a reflection of me since our animals typically take on the traits of their loved ones.  But, I have had River in my life for less than a year.  River came into my world fully grown and actually older than me, (in dog years).  We have often thought that he was abused at some point in his life and we know he has lost many loved ones before he came to us.  So, often I have tried to figure out by his responses to people, things and places, what happened to him.  I feel like If I could pin point an exact correlation between a negative response that River has to a certain movement or thing, I could make life easier fo him.  So, I am always hyper vigilant about recognizing when River may be unhappy or scared and here is what I have come up with so far.

1- River hates to go into dark places and will sometimes just stop and refuse to move.  – so he must be scared of the dark?

2- River has a phobia of slippery floors, linoleum, tile, wood etc.  If he is not familiar with the location he will do the same thing as when it is dark, stop dead in his tracks and refuse to budge. – Maybe he was kept in a dark basement or somewhere with slippery floors? Or maybe he doesn’t like the way it feels on his paws?

3- River is scared of almost every other animal even cats; He is curious but always scared. – Maybe he was attacked by animals regularly? Or maybe when he was being held in the dark, cold, slippery room he was never exposed to other animals and so he has no idea how to react to them?

So, basically I don’t know what to do.  I can’t get rid of my wood floors.  I refuse to sleep with the lights on and I am not going to get rid of my cat to make him happy.  He is just going to have to figure it out.  We are making strides.  He will at least walk down the hall now, I don’t have to carry him to the bedroom anymore.


Dog lessons

Rivers work

Oh I’m learning so much from being a dog owner, it’s fantastic.  I am learning to accept  certain types of reality that never even would have occurred to me before.  Like, “beware of random dark things on the carpet.”  Before it would have  been candy, a brown marble, chewed up black Barbie boot or a ball of fuzz from a brown sweater. There was no fear when picking it up with my bare hands.  Now that I am a dog owner, all I can say is …. Dingle Berry! 

Before when we spent countless hours preparing the most delectable feast for a group of twelve, it would never have occurred to me to worry about the meat placement on the counter.  Now I don’t think twice about  pushing the meat in its wonderful glory, to the back of the counter.  Before i had no idea that the dog could actually walk on his two back legs. I had no idea that this was even a possibility.  The same goes for the Gingerbread house that took 4 hours to make.  Who knew are dog even had a sweet tooth?  And even though he never begs us for food and he hardly even appears to be remotely interested in eating anything until we actually scoop out his food.  Why is he so fascinated with the trash can in the kitchen and the contents in it?  Coming home to a kitchen that looks as if the trash decided to jump out of its can and have some sort of party on the floor, always makes me feel so special.  And then there is the guilty dog looking at you with his pathetic eyes.  “You must forgive me,  I am so cute…” 

Which leads me to the other new dog fear, the dog fart!   Every time River eats something he is not supposed to, exactly 24 hours later to be precise, he gets those awful, horrid, dog farts!  I want to throw myself into an outhouse because that smell would actually be better.  Then I have to worry about the soon to be loose bowl issue.  And repeatedly kick him outside to poop.  It’s like having a toddler who’s potty training all over again.  And heaven help me if I leave the dog outside to long or he will just do what he did the last time and just walk right through the screen door.

dog disorders

I have a dog named River.  This is a big deal for me because even though my dad has always had dogs, I was raised by my mother and she always had cats.  So, I have always considered myself a cat person.  I never wanted a dog before but when River came into my life I knew we were meant  to be together.  And I love him now like he is one of the family.  He sleeps next to my bed at night and he lays at my feet at work all day.  It’s because of this newly attained love that I have for this adoring boy of mine that I have become increasingly worried about him.  you see River has a secret disorder that he suffers from, that I have no idea how to fix.  River is Bulimic.   That’s right, my sweet 49-year-old-something son has an eating disorder. 

At first I thought he just had a nervous tummy.  Or maybe he was just having a hard time adjusting to life in LoLa land.  But,  he has been in the family now since Easter and seems by all means well-adjusted to the soundings.  So, why do I still discover his vomit all about the house?  He will eat, and eat and then he saunter off to where ever…. and promptly pukes.  He is so quick, you don’t even see him sticking his paw down his throat….  Just now I was walking through my bedroom and my foot slipped out from underneath me, nearly causing me to fall.  When I looked to see why, I would suddenly lose traction, I saw the pile of regurgitated dog food laying  on my carpet. 

Are there interventions for dogs?  Could we some how call to order a family meeting and have everyone discuss the way River’s Bulimia makes them feel?   What if these are just the piles I have found, what if he has a space in the play house out back where he lets most of it go;  A treasure to admire if you will?  how do we knock some sense in to him, that he is a beautiful, sweet, hairy dog and that any normal self-respecting poodle would love to be with him?  How Do I instill in my boy that he is killing himself and he is beautiful just the way he is!!!!!??????  Maybe I should look up the dog whisperers phone number?.  Do you think he is in the yellow pages?

First I think I will wash the vomit off the bottom of my foot.

Tired River

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